Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My L'Oreal True Match and Brow Artist Makeup Look + Initial Review

Happy Choose-Day AMW Friends!  How are you feeling today?  I'm feeling really tired from this crazy weather and the tasks that seems to be endless!  But like I said over my previous posts, I am choosing to be in a good mood because complaining will add up another "wrinkle" on my "oldie face"!

I'm sharing you my huge smile today because I am wearing pretty Air Optix Lens in Pure Hazel!  I've tried Sterling Gray, it looks really nice but the Pure Hazel is really natural to look at so I hope I can keep on practicing so I can wear this on my "feeling-not-so-pretty" days.  There are days we tired mommies want to look pretty right?  

And today's the day because I felt pretty after testing out the new L'Oreal True Match Makeup and Brow Artist products.

L'Oreal True Match and Brow Artist Makeup  photo

I will share to you my initial thoughts as I walk you through my simple photo-torial on how I would use each particular product!  Feel free to comment below if you have any additional questions, if none..just give me a big tight hug because this post is full of photos!  A for A-ffort for AMW! Woohoo!

My One True Match

True Match Blur Cream (Php400.00)
I was hesitant to try this because during the event, when this product was tested at the back of my hand, a blob of "oil" came out thus giving me that greasy feel.  Thankfully, it probably was just the tester "issue" as the product I got was quite good in consistency.

Let's start with the packaging.  The packaging is a squeeze-type tube with pointed head which earns thumbs up from me!

The shade looks a tad bit dark (around MAC NC40) as seen against my skin.  But once applied and blended well, it matches my skin because the product almost disappears in less than a minute.

As for application, I like to squeeze a small amount and concentrate application at the center of my face or areas of my face where I need some "blurring action".  The L'Oreal True Match Blur Cream is silicone-based so I highly recommend not to use a lot of this especially if you have sensitive skin!  

The product does help blur out fine lines and some wrinkles, my cheek is starting to have some "obvious enlarged pores" so applying some on that area does help!  The texture is almost gel-like and it applies on my skin like a dream!  

Aside from that, I like the ease of foundation application because my skin has this smooth "film"  so my foundation appears more seamless and stays a bit longer even on humid days.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation (Php600.00)
I am a fan of True Match foundation and I have used this as highly recommended by my make up teacher years ago!  It is affordable yet it delivers in terms of quality. It doesn't hurt that they have wide array of shades to choose from so this is also perfect for Professional Make Up Artists out there.

And the newly formulated True Match Liquid Foundation didn't fail!  Aside from having 15 shades to choose from, it definitely has this lightweight-feel upon application.  If I may have to add, the shade matching is amazing too!  I was actually torned between N3 and G3 but I chose the latter because I believe I have more warmth on my skin.

G3 looks like this 

As for application, I like to apply a bit all over my face and blend everything with a damp Beauty Blender.  In this tutorial I used the Mehron Sponge (thanks Gwams R for this!) 

The effect is very natural and this foundation would pass for a no-makeup look!  Even with flash photography, it doesn't show any white cast.  The coverage is build-able from light to heavy!  If you want more coverage, you may pick a dry sponge or foundation brush for application!

True Match Crayon Concealer (Php500.00)
I have stayed away from crayon concealers for the longest time because I know my skin really well!  Crayon Concealers do not sit well on my parched skin.

But upon seeing the True Match Crayon Concealer and how the make up artist during the event admittedly explained to me how it can be drying on dry skin users but with proper "prep", it can still be useful  That statement earned a thumbs up from me for honesty!

Unfortunately, the shade I got is NOT meant for my blemishes or undereye circles because they matched my crayon concealer shade with the foundation shade I got!  I got W123 under the "Warm Range" for Fair and Light Skin.

Though the crayon is under the Warm line, this would work well on extremely fair-skinned girls which definitely isn't me because I have very warm undertone.  Thus this shade I got is perfect as a face highlighter instead!

If I want to counteract undereye darkness, I would use a corrector first prior to Crayon Concealer application, but for this specific tutorial, I don't want to inject other makeup so I apply more of the L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation on my undereye area making sure darkness is almost gone before I highlight that area!  Because if I fail to do so, using light colored concealer will highlight the flaws instead of hiding them.

What I like about Crayon Concealer is that it is very easy to use and I can literally draw various strokes on my face.  This is perfect to highlight to top of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, the center of my forehead and my cupid's bow!  

The texture of the crayon is a bit dry so it is best to warm it up at the back of your hand first before application.  This concealer is perfect for users with normal and oily skin because it won't add in those "greasy feel" like most cream concealers would give!  

The coverage of the crayon concealer is also build-able and upon setting property, it stays the whole day!

Now on to the Brow Artist.  They came up with 2 products for this line!

The Brow Artist Geniu Kit (Php400.00) and Brow Artist Designer Pro (Php500.00)
For this particular tutorial, I used both brow products one on each eye!

The Brow Artist Genius Kit I got is the lightest shade --- 02 Light to Medium because I can always adjust by adding brow powder to darken my brow hair if needed.

The kit comes with a wax and powder.

Left: Wax
Right: Powder


You guys probably have this in mind, how does this product compares to my favorite Brow Zings from Benefit?  Well, the concept is the same but the effect is different.  The Brow Artist from L'Oreal is not as pigmented as compared to the one from Benefit and the wax portion isn't as waxy.  

BUT, that doesn't make the L'Oreal one a bad product because I am actually IMPRESSED by this!  The wax may not be as waxy but it can help the brow powder adheres into the skin without obvious demarcation.  The brow powder is a perfect ashy grayish brown shade making it very natural to look at no matter how much you apply!  

And this is HOW I would apply my Brow Artist Genius Kit ---
Use the flat portion of the brush to apply wax all over your brows. 
Use the tip of the brush to apply the powder and finally, the brow brush/spoolie to blend everything together.

Before and After

Now on to the Brow Artist Design Pro which you may think is just a pencil for brows...well, you're wrong!

It comes with a Pencil, A spoolie ...

and a wonderful surprise compartment at the center of the pencil that contain the brow powder!

I got the shade Light/Medium and they have another one for Medium/Dark

What I like about the shade of the pencil is how it contains pure brown shade without any redness, thus making the brows appear very natural upon application.  As for all brow pencils application, it is easy to create an obvious "Drawing marks" so I always recommend brow pencil users to always blend everything with a brow brush or spoolie to keep everything Au Natural!

Here are just a few steps on how I would use the Brow Artist Design Pro.
  • Brush brow hairs in place with the spoolie.
  • Gently draw tiny check marks to mimic brow hairs starting from the center of my brows to the tail.
  • With short strokes, draw fake-brows on the inner corner of the brows with upward strokes.
  • Using the brow powder, fill in the rest of the brows to make the brows appear fuller.

Before and After

Closer Look
I like how to brow powder can also help lighten my brows a bit!  Not as good as brow mascaras but it does help make brows appear a tad bit lighter.

My L'Oreal True Match and Brow Artist Look
I like how everything looks so natural on me! 
So I will definitely recommend these products to newbies and professional make up users out there!

How do you like my True Match makeover?
Which particular product caught your interest?
Let me know what you plan to get!

L'Oreal True Match and Brow Artist products are available in L'Oreal stores nationwide starting September 1, 2015.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Was very interested in the blur cream since it's the most affordable in the market now (i think), but got a little disappointed when I learned it has silicone. My skin doesn't get along well with silicone!
    Next is the brow makeup because.... Kilay is power! Hehe

    1. ah most primers or blur creams will come with silicone because that is the best ingredient to help "blur out" lines and pores. but it is ok with just minimal amount :D


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