Friday, October 9, 2015

AMW Reviews: Etude House Face Color Corset Shade #5

For the first time, Etude House came up with a makeup packaging this is a bit simple BUT still unique in every way!

The Etude House Face Color Corset got my attention because I'm on the hunt of contour powder that is inexpensive yet works for my skin tone.  #5 is called Tight Shading Corset which I have a feeling is perfect for users with fair to medium skin tone.

Back to the packaging, it is in sleek plastic compact with clear top, with ring on the edge and corset design --- I call that cute and unique!  And yes, I kinda get it on the corset thing --- corset can instantly change your figure, just like a contour product --- as long as you get the perfect "Fit"'ll give you that instant "lift" and "Magic".

Etude House Face Color Corset Review

Shade: #5 Tight Shading Corset
Based on store visits and online research, the "Corset" line from Etude House comes with blush powder shades, contour and highlighting powder. 

At a glance, I can definitely say this would only work for users who have light to medium complexion.  This won't show up if you have darker complexion.

Etude House says ---
Shading makeup effective for expressing slim face contour. Silicone Coating Powder component smoothly adheres to skin with long-lasting effect. 

Size: 6g

AMW says ---
  • Price.
  • The effect is very natural-looking.
  • Does not cake and applies smoothly.
  • Can double up as a bronzer. 
  • No fallouts on every application.
  • Lasts the whole day on me with foundation underneath.
    •  This shade won't work on users with darker complexion.
    • Will not work on my nose area as it look a bit orange on my complexion.
    • Does not come with a brush.  To some this is a big deal, to me, I don't mind as I prefer to use my own brush.
    • No mirror too.  Which again is okay for me as I never do retouch outside (usually inside the car or inside the wash room with mirrors)
     OverallAn inexpensive yet effective start-up contour powder shade!

    • Best "start-up" contour powder.
    • Less is more, the powder will look almost invisible to the naked eye so please stop yourself from over-applying!  You may look like you had a tan-that-went-wrong.
    • Works so well as a blush/bronzer too!  I love how it gives my skin the instant warmth.
    • I personally like to use this as my "face contour powder" -- best applied on hairline, jawline and cheekbones, as for the nose, it looks a bit too orange on me (will show photo below).
    • Always remember to blend, blend blend!
    Will I repurchase?

    To whom do I recommend this to?
    Users who have medium skin tone with warm complexion.  The slight 'orange' tint is perfect for those type of skin.  If you have fairer skin, go for #4 instead.

    Where to purchase and how much?
    Available at local Etude House stores priced at Php278.00 (approx $6.20).

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    I like using this all over my face for an instant warmth.  
    Be very careful with application, a little goes a long way.

    As of the sides of the nose, I apply a bit for the sake of showing you guys how it looks on me!  :)

    Left: Foundation + Powder (with brows hehehe) 
    Right: Contoured with Etude House Face Color Corset

    Now what I do (if I really NEED to contour the nose area, I just apply a tiny amount) but for this particular product, I am happy just using this all over my face!  It gives a subtle contour perfect for daily use.

    How do you feel about the new Etude House Face Color Corset in shade 5?
    Do you like how it looks on me?

    Keep smilin'
    Stay happy!


    1. I forgot which one I had but that one was SOOO light. It was like a slightly shimmery face powder. :/ ELF imo does cheap bronzers better.

      1. really? Yeah, I know they have the super light version! I didn't pick that!

    2. Weird that a Korean brand would make an orange tint bronzer since it doesn't match their complexion. Then again, they don't really use bronzers anyway :))

      1. I think they mostly use it just to "warm" their faces! And I guess, it will work for different skin tones, I have warm skintone kasi so the orange hue shows up more! Though this works well on my cheeks, just not on my nose :D

    3. I purchased the very same product from Etude, my first time to try their product. I think I have the same complexion as yours but it does not show up on my skin, or maybe I'm expecting it to be more pronounced like the ones I see on models which maybe exaggerated. I have the sleek face contour kit - light and I think it works better on me. Maybe I should try etude more often to get the hang of it.


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