Saturday, October 10, 2015

FitFlop Landed in BGC and the SuperWomen Were There!

That's US!
Yes, I can definitely claim that title!  I believe I am a Superwoman in my own eyes and probably my husband's and son's eyes!

It was a full day with Blogger Friendship Angela and Jackie.  I am so glad I get to spend the crazy day with them laughing, shopping and just being ourselves --- CRAZY! :P

Thanks Ruth from FitFlop for helping us take these photos!

The reason for the girl-bonding?  A visit at the 9th free-standing store of FitFlop!  I've been a long-time user of the brand and let me tell you one thing, my first pair is still in good shape and looks spankin' new!  It is my choice of footwear on a casual weekend!  You know, days when I know I don't have to look posh!

Thankfully, things have changed for the brand!  After the store visit, I've realized wearing extremely comfortable footwear does not always equate into "BLAH"!  This season, FitFlop roll sout stylish pieces for Spring and I am so excited to share to you my favorites!  

The FitFlop's Spring 2015 collection are definitely more stylish without having to sacrifice comfort -- Oh Thank you For that!

I spotted FitFlop's Petra Thoe-Tong sandals.  The Petra features a soft snake texture upper decorated with three mirrrored jewels astop its slimline straps.  After trying them out, it is indeed comfort to the nth power!  Made to withstand long walks because of the built-in arch contour! 

And if I may have to add, there are way more designs, colors and styles to choose from!

Check the lower left hand side of the photo, I also spotted some of their Denim Skinny design.  Imagine an all-Denim outfit with this footwear!  This will work for women of all ages!

Check out the Yellow Thoe-Tong and stripey ones!  They are on top of my wishlist!

That's us with our top picks!  It is funny how we all like the same styles!  So it wasn't a difficult shopping trip with Jackie and Angela.

My Top Picks

Slimming our options down to the last pair.

And if I may have to add, the BLOOM™ sandals caught my attention but during this shopping trip, I told myself I will break into the "old Nikki" and go for something different!  Something I wouldn't normally go for!  Excited to know?  Well, I'll share my pick later on!  


My 2nd choice!  The BANDA™ OPUL SUEDE SANDALS I nearly got the strappy version of this!  BUT, like I said, I have to stop myself because I am going for something stylish, unique and that can work with several outfits --- from casual to a bit more fashionable!



My choice of color!  WHITE!
Do you think I made the right decision picking this?

Well, I've been wearing this pair all week and I'm extremely happy with my decision!  Definitely not my usual style of footwear but I love the change!

Us with our final pairs!

Fellow FitFlop lovers and newbies, fell free to check out their 9th free-standing store at BGC.  The staffs are extremely friendly and the store is such a wonderful place to shop for that perfect pair!  Everything's displayed right in front of you you get to see the whole view of various designs and styles at a glance!  

For more information about FitFlop, please visit
Feel free to follow them on Twitter an dInstagram @FitFlopPH for more product updates.

How do you feel about the pair I got?
Which particular pair caught your attention?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. They are all gorgeous but find them too pricey for a pair of slippers hehehe. I hope they have upcoming sale!

    1. I think if you have back issues or leg issues or whatever issues that deals with ortho...I believe some would really invest on these, like my mom! :D


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