Saturday, October 3, 2015

Get "All Eyes On You" This Holiday With SM Beauty

On a daily basis, I do not wear much eye makeup because I work from home, and whenever I go out, I'm already on a rush so I try to keep my makeup on the natural side.  But, when I attended an event for SM Beauty recently, I was actually inspired to go home and bring out all the shadows I own and be creative once again!

Who says doing your eye make up has to be tedious and time consuming?  Well, if it is a stress-reliever for you, by all means, amp up your makeup game and accentuate the windows of your soul!

Guests' seats were painted with various eye make up looks

Who wants some lashes and eyeshadow palette cookies?

Seeing the pop of colors from cupcakes, I got so inspired to create my own shade combinations!  On that day, I wore aqua blue liner with gray shadow base.

The event was hosted by the witty Bianca Valerio.  

We were all given a quick workshop to play up with various shadow shades and textures, all thanks to Ms. Valerie Chua.

I did my own neutral shadow look with my Fashion 21 Eyeshadow palette.

A combination of max and glittery shadow using BYS Glitter Eye Creme.

The guests were so lucky to have Xeng Zulueta there to share tips on how to apply eye makeup.   From Pop of Color to instantly brighten up your eyes, to Sultry Neutrals on days we just want to look our best!  Daring nights will always call for dark hues with Shadow Play and if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, go for Gold Sparkle.

My best bet will always be Sultry Neutrals but I am enjoying Pop of Color every now and then.

SM Beauty today offers so much options!  Whenever I visit SM Beauty, I feel like I'm a kid left at a candy store, there are so many brands and products to choose from and the price range are competitive even for starters!  

And here's the best news!  For the month of October, dig into the widest range of cosmetic products like L'Oreal, Maybelline, Max Factor, Covergirl, Revlon, BYS, NYX, ELF and many more and enjoy up to 50% discount!  You can always go for free eye makeovers if you want to learn how use your newly purchased makeup.  

Feel free to use the hashtag #SMAllEyesOnYou and #SMEyeTransformed and be part of the beautiful transformation.  Upload your photos on Instagram and get a chance to win exciting prizes and GCs from SM Beauty!

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  1. That palette isn't bad at all. I mean judging from the neutral colours. And they look like they have mattes in there too.


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