Friday, October 23, 2015

The Solique by Girl Stuff Ultimate Test

Dear readers, I'm sure you knew by now how I played a huge role during the launch of Solique By Girl Stuff Gel Polishes.  

Yes, I helped out in conceptualizing the Blogger/Media Event and I was even the host during the grand launch!

So you are probably expecting me to tell you just to BUY Solique by Girl Stuff just because it is the greatest Gel Polish on earth right?

Of course I won't!  I am still typing this post as the usual AMW --- the ultimate product tester because I believe you guys deserve to know the truth about all the products I've tried and used!

Now let's get started.

Solique by Girlstuff is a Revolutionary formula combining the benefits of polish and gel.  For this collection, they came up with 6 gorgeous shades and a Gel Top coat. 

A photo of Solique Gel Polishes

Thank you Solique for the gorgeous press gift during the event.

I actually did not remove them until now and my first "at-home-gel-polishes" are stored here!

Like I said over my previous post (Solique Launch), this line caught my attention big time because for the first time, I can apply gel polish even without professional help!   Solique will cure under sunlight or natural light and the best part?  It has the same GirlStuff promise --- all polishes are free from toxic and harmful chemicals!

So yay!  Even pregnant and lactating mommies can use these!

L-R Just a Fantasy, Manila Girl, Baby Blues, Love Me Like You Do,
Midnight Dreams, Hush and Gel Top coat

Best of all, the gel polish can be removed by regular Girl Stuff Nail Polish Remover.

So we got everything down, safe ingredients, gorgeous variety of shades launched --- how good are these polishes?

I tested out Love Me Like You Do during the event and because I was on a rush to attend guests, the top coat wasn't applied properly (My fault, I was in a hurry!) so I encountered chip on my pink finger 6 days AFTER application.

2nd time around, I tried Midnight Dreams, and this time, when it comes to Gel Top Coat Application, I applied using "wrapping method".  That is, apply the gel top coat all over your nails, then for "finishing touch" apply a layer of Gel Top Coat on the tip of your nails to "seal the deal".

Freshly Applied
2 coats of Gel Color and 1 Coat of Gel Top Coat

After 7 full days, as you can see, my nails are starting to grow and you can see chip around certain areas!  But honestly speaking, I was really impressed with Solique Gel Polish because you know how "hands on" I am with household chores --- I bathe my son, I cook, I wash dishes and I wash my hands so many times in a day and let's not forget, I go down the knees and play with my son --- Play Doh, Car Games, Crayons etc...!  

What I like about Solique Gel Polish is how it retain its' shine, like it was first applied!  And true enough, my nails did not turn yellow after more than a week (I actually removed the color after the 9th day!) 

Are they exactly the same as gel polish you try in salons?  I say NOT because the ones from salon can probably stay a week longer than Solique BUT....for the price you pay, plus the fact that your nails are not exposed to harmful chemicals and can be easily removed by regular nail polish remover --- I'd go for this anytime of the day!  I call these polishes WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENT and worth trying out!  

I personally think you have to purchase them as a "pair" to get the maximum Gel Polish effect!

PRICE: SOLIQUE GEL POLISH : Php180.00/bottle
SOLIQUE GEL TOPCOAT: Php200.00/bottle

Available at: Girlstuff kiosks/carts in SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, SM San Lazaro, SM Megamall, Glorietta 2, Ayala Cebu

You may also shop online

Have you tried Solique Polishes?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. How long do the regular polishes last? Have you tried that PLUS the gel top coat?

    1. for me around 3-4 days for regular polish, sometimes just overnight pa!

  2. Even though my digits looks pretty whenever I have it done, I prefer it to be bare because I prepare meals but, knowing this polishes is safe from harmful chemicals and stays long....I might change my mind.

    1. Yes yes yes!!! SAFE Polishes are what I use now!

  3. I second the motion of trying egular nail polish + solique gel top coat :D


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