Sunday, October 18, 2015

#TravelMore with Smart Postpaid Surf Abroad

I recently attended an event for Smart Postaid Surf Abroad hosted by Luis Manzano and Bianca Valerio.  It was when both hosts shared about their favorite destination --- Japan, brought me back to my first ever Tokyo Japan trip.

That's me looking flabbergasted (even on back view) because it is really confusing trying to navigate yourself from one point to another especially in different language!

Even with a companion who is very good with maps, it took us time really to study them one by one! 

I remembered spending most of the trip asking for directions.  One helpful lady at Shibuya helped us navigate to our next direction by whipping out her phone showing us a Google Map just because she can't speak English.  After that incident, I was telling Mr. AMW: "Why can't we navigate ourselves with Google Map instead of asking for directions?"  Then I remembered how we were not on data roaming because we don't want to be shocked with our bill after the trip.

How convenient it is for travelers today because of Smart Postpaid Surf Abroad 550 Plan.

I learned during the event that it is possible to use Google Maps, share photos of your amazing shots on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, translate English phrases to foreign phrases just to get you by!  And of course, you can even hail an Uber without having to worry about long queues especially on hot tourist spots!  


But of course, the reason why I pulled out all our Japan photos is because Mr. AMW and I were just recently talking about traveling again, this time with Kyle Nash!  The last trip we had was last year with Kyle less than a year old in the US and we are actually itching for another trip soon!

With an active toddler on the side, I'm sure traveling is even more challenging so it is more practical to have a helping "hand" --- that is --- online help!  For news, weather, navigation, flight schedules and accommodation.  And of course, it doesn't hurt to have my family see us in real time on social media sites!

So yes, we can share photos like these ......

At Asakusa Temple at wee hours of the night

The busiest street of Japan

The gorgeous Sakura

And just our crazy stints ...

Real time....anytime, anywhere!

Smart Surf Abroad 550 covers over 110 countries now and totally bill shock-free!  YAY!

So seriously, I can only dream about traveling for now but it will turn into reality soon....

For more information on this new offer, please visit for fellow Smart Subscribers!

What is your next travel destination?
We are looking into Hong Kong for now..somewhere close by just know how it is mommies!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. spend almost 1700 for week of pocket wifi in japan with 20mbps speed=) $2 per day uni call and text plus 500mb data in sydney

    smart and globe must up their offer, don't get fooled by their offer, most of what we pay only goes to their advertising then into their pocket =)

  2. The language barrier I think is the hardest part when you are traveling to a new place that is not your native speaking language. It is definitely a challenge but it makes traveling that much more exciting at the same time! Looks like you had a fun time!

  3. Japan looks amazinggggggggg

    Would it difficult to navigate there for a non-japanese speaking person? AKA myself haha

  4. Japan is very high on my bucket list! I absolutely love sushi, and to be able to travel to the land of sushi would be wonderful haha

  5. Japan is my number one spot in my bucketlist to travel! i have high expectation on their travel destinations! :D


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