Monday, November 9, 2015

AMW Wears: Maybelline Velvet Matte by ColorSensational

Happy Monday AMW Friends!
I had a lovely weekend with the family and having a bit of "Me" time at the salon.  Will share more about my experience soon on the blog.

Today, start of the week, I want to share some "colors" to jumpstart our week!  Bright colors that can hopefully make our day!  Because I believe wearing the right shade of lipstick or gloss that makes you look and feel good is worth a try to keep that Monday Blues away.

You've probably seen this photo on my Instagram account weeks ago!  It took me until now to share this post because I technically wore all these shades one day at a time to be able to come up with a sound conclusion, will share more about my conclusions at the end of the post, for now, indulge yourself in the Maybelline Velvete Matte Lip Color shades that I currently own.

(Shot with flash)
L-R Mat 1, Mat 2, Mat 5, Mat 6, Mat 8, Mat 10, Mat 11 and Mat 12 

(Shot in natural lighting)
L-R Mat 1, Mat 2, Mat 5, Mat 6, Mat 8, Mat 10, Mat 11 and Mat 12

Now don't get tired of my face but I really wore all the shades I got for you to "imagine" how the shade would work on you!

Mat 1
This is more of a bright pink lip color with a satin finish.   I can imagine this would work for fair to medium skinned girls!  Girl with darker complexion can still rock this look but the effect will be a bit more "deeper pink" that the bright pink you see on photo.

Mat 2
Mat 2 looks a bit close to Mat 1 on photo but in reality, this shade has more "orange" tint to it.  I think this shade would work better on my skin tone because I find Mat 1 a bit too pink for my liking.  Just a personal preference by the way!  As I am at the stage of wanting a more natural-looking lip color than the "Barbie-ish" once...yeah, age-check reality! :P

Mat 5
Mat 5 is bright reddish orange color.  This lipstick will be my to-go-to lip color if I plan to sport a K-pop makeup look!  I find this shade too shocking orange for me and it actually works better on users with medium to darker complexion.

Mat 6
A burgundy red lip color that is perfect for a quick change of look.  Let's say you plan to bring the day time office look to night time?  This lip color is perfect for that instant teeth-brightening, instant-vavavoom sexiness in just 1 swipe!

Mat 8
A deeper Red Orange shade.  This lip color is a darker version of Mat 5 and I can imagine myself wearing this more than Mat 6. 

Mat 10
Another lip color that anyone can sport if you want to look 2-3 years younger!  I find this shade very refreshing and unique!  Perfect on days I just want to look young and free!

Mat 11
Ahhh this red lip color is perfect for ALL skin tone!  I can say this is a close dupe to MAC's Ruby Woo!

Mat 12
My favorite shade out of the bunch!  Nude lip colors aren't my thing in the past but finding the right "tone" makes a huge difference!  This peach-brown shade works anytime of the day!

Overall, the Maybelline Velvet Matte lipsticks are true enough...has a velvety feel and touch!  You get the exact color on tube in just a single swipe and all the shades are non-drying, non-sticky and can last around 3-4 hours with eating and drinking!  I like how these matte lipsticks have this nice "sheen" making it bearable even for users who have extremely dry and chapped lips!

These Velvet Matte Lip colors are priced Php299.00 until November 14 so please hurry and try them out!  One shade is definitely not enough and I am actually stocking up on more of my favorite shades to include on my makeup kit!

Which shade I wore is your favorite?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Mat 12 looks perfect on you! Been meaning to try this velvet matte kaso wala pang time for a mall visit.

    Mommy Rockin' In Style

  2. Hi Ms.Nikki!
    I love the nude lip color on you! :-)
    I think it suits you best! :-) Stay beautiful! :-)

  3. Oh my! I gotta grab one of these and try it out!

  4. The pinks look pretty on you!

    1. Thanks CJ! You're right, I am more of a pink, red than orange!


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