Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekend Bonding at: Fun Ranch

Look at the happy face of Kyle Nash and...MOMMY!

I try to make at least ONE weekend FREE to take out my son for some activities and play time.  As much as he enjoys playtime and studytime with mommy AMW, I'm sure he enjoys the outdoor more so I always take note on play areas available in the Metro.  All thanks to Friso Philippines for introducing me to Fun Ranch!

It was 2 weeks ago when we visited the area and took me until now to post this because Mr. AMW took tons of photos so I had to pick the best!  It was almost night time when we arrived and the weather wasn't good so we were recommended to stay at Playdium instead.

It was a good decision because Kyle Nash had loads of fun amidst the bad weather!

This place by the way has NO ENTRANCE FEE,you only pay as to what activity your child would like to do!  Walk ins are welcome because it was a last minute decision for us to visit the place and I did not call in at all for reservations.

The huge slide I wanted to try myself but didn't!

Fret not for mommies with younger kids, they have smaller slides for 1-3!

The indoor playground is huge as compared to the others I've visited!  For me, it will take at least 1 hour minimum for a kid to fully enjoy this place!  So schedule your family day accordingly!

The huge piano that works!  You just step on the notes and you'll hear wonderful music!

Please be reminded to bring your own socks, but if you forget, you don't have to go all the way home because Playdium sells socks for just around Php50.00.

Mommy wore Happy Socks
Look at that priceless smile!

Big kids can climb way up there but Kyle prefers to stay at the ground!  *lol*

Huge puzzle that Kyle enjoys so much!  Can you see how my child likes games that let's him think?  He definitely got that from me...ahem..sorry Mr. AMW, this is my blog! :P

I also like the huge Alphabet that rolls! 
Reminds me so much of a Lego Head :P

The floor are covered with mats so it gives extra protection just in case the kids fell, but be wary of running kids though!  I had to be a protective mom several times because some hyper kids were running around!

Another "thinking game" that Kyle enjoys!

Playdium is way more spacious than some of the kiddie areas I've tried!  I like that he can freely roam around without having me to worry about bumping into random things, kids and adults!

Manny Pacquiao moves?

Octopus seat

And we ended up staying here for the longest time!  He loves moving things around forming shapes.

And mommy had to help of course!

What I love about Fun Ranch and Playdium is the fact that we can order food immediately.  I originally thought we had to go all the way to Tiendesitas for dinner but I was surprised the extensive food menu they offer!

We asked for their specialty and got these!  Di naman kasi kami gutom no? :P

Classic Caesar Salad
Fresh Romaine Lettuce topped with Caesar dressing, Parmesan Cheese, Croutons and our favorite bacon bits.

Party Style Spaghetti
You know how spaghetti at kiddie parties tastes uniquely good?  Well, the version from Fun Ranch is definitely on my top list!  Their version is smothered with tomato sauce, ground beef and hotdog slices!  Yummy!

Big Red Barn Famous Chicken
Western Style 
Available in 2pcs (Php175.00), 5pcs (Php340.00) and 10pcs (Php625.00)
Definitely tender juicy on the inside, very crispy and yummy on the outside!  You can also pick between this style or Korean or Asian style!  Yeah, 3 style of chicken --- I like!

Fish and Chips
Another highly recommended dish!  I know, they are all supposedly for kids but the adults are extremely happy for a cheat-day!  Lightly battered fish fillet fried til golden brown.  It comes with fries and tartar sauce on the side.

Fun Ranch is open from Mondays to Sundays and even Holidays from 10:00am to 9:00pm.  They are also open for Birthday Parties just in case you plan to host a party there!  I've seen some of their party area and they look so cute and unique!

Frontera Verde Ortigas Avenue 

Corner C5 Pasig 
Tel no: 706-3031

The playdium indoor playground unlimited play rates are:

You can park at Fun Ranch or Tiendesitas.

Have you been to Fun Ranch?
Have you heard about this place fellow mommies?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Seems you had so much fun. Excited to try Fun Ranch soon when my boy grows enough. The food looks delightful!

    Mommy Rockin' In Style

    1. Naku, I do look like I had so much fun talaga and I did!!! :D Bring your boy there once he's older :D

  2. Fish n'chips looks mouthwatering hahaha!

  3. Good to know that we are are helping mommies and daddies in giving ideas for quality time with with their children. It's time for you and your little ones to ‪have fun together‬. Hope to hear more mommy and kids experience together :)


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