Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rustan's Beauty Addict Season 3: Beauty Neon

Beauty Neon Gives Back With Season 3 of #RustansBeautyAddict .  It was my third year and I am so happy to say, I've been to all 3 because I really like the idea of how beauty can really give back! (Read about Season 1 HERE, Season 2 HERE)

This year, the theme is "Beauty Addict: Neon".  A retro-themed party that took neon inspiration from the 80s and as usual, I went for fun and games and meet the people behind the brand!  It was great catching up with some of the brand people whom I haven't seen for quite some time.

Gay Lao from MAC Philippines

 Mira Villanueva of Estee Lauder Philippines

I don't know why but even with map, for the past 3 years I always start at Clarins counter and played a game I'm quite professional at!   Filling the blanks of those songs from the 80's!  I won by the way!

I also go to keep one of this momento for liking their FB Page!  Feel free to follow and like Clarins Philippines by the way!
Then I took a quick stot at one of my favorite skincare brand, the brand that started Askmewhats!  I remembered those years when I was struggling with extremely dry and parched skin, I had to rely on Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion to ease the pain.

Thank you Clinique!  Your products are amazing!

When I saw girls flock to draw eye makeup on a sheet of paper at Sisley counter, I knew I had to sit down and create my own look using Phyto Eye Twist Eye Shadows.  

Then I was tested with a bit of "memory game" at Dermalogica.  I lost but hey, I had fun!  It felt exactly how it was when I'm playing games with my son!

Chanel devotees get to receive complimentary lip styling and dainty sugar cookie of choice!

Then I took most of my time spending it at the Estee Lauder counter as I catch up with Mira and drew my own face chart!  Thankfully, someone appreciated it and asked for it!  I was touched because I will be making a kid happy!  She will give it to her granddaughter by the way!

Since I was short of time and I had to go home, I passed by NUXE, a newly launched brand that is really promising!

Our most coveted La Mer skin care products!

Also saw free makeovers for Nars Cosmetics Lovers!  Hi Archie!

And my last stop was at Benefit!

Gorgeous Benebabes!

Of course, aside from games and prizes which aren't top priority for me, the reason why I try to free up my sched to join every year's Rustans Beauty Addict event is because they are giving back every year.  This year's beneficiary is Philippine Red Cross.  Every photo uploaded on Instagram during the event with hashtag #RustansBeautyAddictGivesBack, Rustans is donating Php300.00 to help victims of calamities in our country.

That indeed is the true meaning of Holiday Spirit!  The season not only of receiving but giving!

Congratulations Rustan's!  And I wish to be able to support again next year!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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