Saturday, November 7, 2015

Will You Go For AirBNB on your Next Travel Destination?

My partner in makeup gigs Kim recently messaged me to ask about places to stay in Hong Kong, I haven't been traveling much since having a son but I would say, when it comes to Hong Kong, it feels like my second home!  Why?  Because I used to work in Shenzhen for 2.5 years and going to Hong Kong via ferry takes only 30 minutes (yes, even faster than my travel time here!)  So I usually de-stress by going to Hong Kong alone midday or spend a weekend with my brother.  And of course, Mr. AMW and I traveled quite a number of times in Hong Kong that's why I'm claiming our "expertise" in this country.

When it comes to places to stay in Hong Kong, I have tried staying in Hotels (company paid) for business meetings and trainings.  But when it comes to personal trip, I would always go for the cheaper route because hey, Hong Kong, especially Causeway Bay is a city that never sleeps!  So I'm obviously out most of the time and need just a couple of hours to rest my legs and eyes before I head on to another adventure!  So saving up on the place to stay and use the remaining travel fund for more adventures like sightseeing, visiting the parks, eat local food and the works. 

But of course, a good research before you book will always be part of the plan and so far, my research skills are always on point so I always get the best place to stay at the most affordable rate!   So I'm sharing my well-kept secret with you guys!

I've always been booking hostels in Hong Kong whenever I take an overnight trip or just a 2 nighter.  One Hostel I've always been going for is called Sun Kong Hostel and it is located at the heart of Causeway Bay.   I can still remember the 2 old brothers who own the place whom we spent hours at night chatting with before we go to sleep!  I love how I do not only get to know the place I visit but I get immersed into the culture by talking to locals sharing stories.

Photo taken on Airbnb site as all my Hong Kong Photos are in old computer

Now that Kyle is nearing 3 years old, the husband and I were just talking about another travel with him!  The nearest and easiest target will be Hong Kong and I will definitely go for "home away from home" type of accommodation and I found Airbnb app.

Airbnb is an app that can help travelers like me find a suitable place to stay - I can choose between an apartment, a house or any type of accommodation I think my family would be comfortable in.   And the best part?  Airbnb partnered with my mobile subscriber Smart for a promotion.

Smart subscribers simply have to text SMARTAIRBNB to 2855 for FREE to receive the unique promo code and you can use this code whenever you complete your Airbnb booking.  You will enjoy Php2,500 worth of discount for a minimum of Php8,000 booking at any Airbnb-listed accommodations here and abroad.  That's a whole lot of savings so please use wisely!

The discount is limited to one booking per registered Philippine Airbnb user, but is open to all past and first-time bookers, with travel period until December 2016.

For more information, feel free to visit

I can't wait to share my travel plans when it pushes through!  Our last trip was March of last year and it felt like forever!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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