Sunday, November 1, 2015

Anniversary Date at Stella Woodfire and A Chocolate Cake

If you follow me on any of my social media sites, you'll know that Mr. AMW and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and on November 3 our 19th years together!  

You do the math...if you can't...let's just say...we've spend more than half of our lifetime together..and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE DAY OF IT!

So cheesy right?  Well, I'm lucky God really gave me not only a partner, but my best friend for life!  I can't imagine breathing a single minute without him!  He's my number 1 fan, my ultimate support-system and he is the reason why I am THIS cheerful and positive!  Happy nth year anniversary to us Mr. AMW!

To be honest (again, not being too cheesy), everyday is really like an anniversary celebration to us.  It really boils down to who we are as a couple and let me tell you straight-out, we are extremely child-like and little things in life really make us happy!

So our 8th year celebration wasn't extremely grand but for us, it was the grandest for us because we get to spend time together amidst the extremely busy schedule.

Since I go out most of the time for meetings and blog events, I usually take notes on restaurants I've tried and liked!  So I've decided to be the "man" and take him out for lunch at Stella Woodfire.  I've dined in this restaurant a couple of times but I felt the ambiance, the location and the food is perfect for both of us.

It was a late lunch so true enough, the place was perfect because we almost had the restaurant all by ourselves (almost!)

Complimentary Bread from the Restaurant

Stella Cured Bacon Pizza
Double smoked bacon, maple cured, carbonara cream, eggs
Like I told you, I was the "man in the house" that time so I picked this pizza right away!  Why?  Well, if Mr. AMW will be a pizza, this will how he'll turn out to be!  A guy who loves bacon, carbonara cream and eggs!  

True enough, he loves the pizza so much!  He said it was the 2nd pizza place he knows that offers pizza with eggs, the first one was from Don Henricos!

Wood Fired Garlic Mushroom Cream Fettucine
I've had this several times in different occasions and it never stopped me from wanting more!  This is an order that is meant for Mr. AMW to understand why I can't stop raving about this dish!  As simple as white pasta sauce, the extra ooph from Truffle oil made it all worth it!

Cafe Mocha
Obviously, I can't finish a meal without a good cup of coffee!

Overall the place is extremely nice for those late lunches and early dinner!  Most of the time, this place is packed so if you want some peace and quiet, go for the time slot I told you!

Happy Couple :D

The couple that "Duck-faced" together stays together :P

 And what is a Wedding Anniversary celebration without a cake?  Our official cake for this year is Love Cakes by Ann and Gan (IG: @LovecakesbyAnnandGan / FB:

The Heavenly Chocolate cake is extremely rich in terms of chocolate and yet, it isn't too sweet like most chocolate cakes available in the market!  With extremely fresh strawberries on top, it looks sinful but tastes heavenly!  

How to explain how good this cake is?  We shared this to non-chocolate cake eaters at home (aunt and mom) and they both enjoyed the cake so much they took some home!

And the best part?  The rest of the cake that took 2-3 days inside the fridge tastes as good as new like it was the first day we received it!  

They have more cake choices to choose from that I would like to try for future occasions --- Mango Tango Supreme, Mango Creme Brulee and their Mocha Cake!

Thank you so much Bianca for recommending me this cake supplier!  :)
Feel free to contact them at 0998-981-726 (Business hours 9am-7pm).
2 days lead time for your cakes of choice.

I had a wonderful 8th year anniversary celebration, it was simple yet it made us happy!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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