Saturday, October 31, 2015

Drugstore Favorites

...non-makeup related!

On the day we celebrated our 8th year Wedding Annivesary (more details tomorrow!), the hubby went on work leave and accompanied me to events then finished off the rest of the day with some bonding!

One of the things we love to do even way back in college was to shop!  Not clothes nor shoes but household items!  Yes we are THAT practical!

So finally, we got the chance to shop at SM Beauty Section and Watsons Pharmacy section after my quick event and I realized, there are some things that are always present in the "basket".

Variants: Guava Leaf Extract and Papaya Extract
Php49.50 for 50ml, Php104.00 for 150ml
I used to be a regular pH Care variant user and when I was sent these 2 new variants, I gave it a try right away and guess what?  Both variants jumped up to my favorite intimate wash scent!  And what I love about these is that they are made with all-natural ingredients --- Papaya and Guava extract.
After almost finishing up my Guava variant, I can say, they are non-drying, extremely comfortable to use and the scent is extremely nice!

Sunsilk Co-Creations Strong and Long
Even my sister is using this pair also my nephew!  Out of all the variants from Co-Creations, Strong and Long is my favorite because I am keeping my hair at a length that I'm comfortable with --- long.  Not because I'm scared of cutting my hair short but mostly because I love to style my hair by curling it, tying it up in a bun, tying it high in ponytail and a lot of hairstyles to experiment with, so I appreciate the extra "strength" it gives to my hair.

Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream
After receiving this from #Beauty911 kit that was sent to me.  I tried this immediately and felt how smooth my hair feels and how easy it is to comb and style my hair.  And if I may add, the scent of ALL Cream Silk products are amazing.  I actually put this in my bag now for quick hair touch-ups especially when I'm rushing for various events and meetings.

(Mr. AMW's Ultimate to-go-to Pimple Fighting Cream)

Mine is The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil, his is this Benzac AC Gel by Galderma.  If there's someone I know who is extremely loyal to this product, I would say Mr. AMW!  He's been purchasing tube after tubes for around a decade now because he swore by it!

I've seen him tried different products but only this cream will help fight his acne issues.  It is because of the active ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide, the key ingredient that is clinically proven to kill more than 94% of acne-causing bacteria in 48 hours and reduce redness and inflammation.

Scientific explanations aside, it works!  I see this product worked like miracle on him!

Just be careful and make sure you don't have allergic reactions to the active ingredients.  Or better, visit a dermatologist and check with them before you use a certain acne treatment product.

What are your top drugstore finds?
Which particular product do you find in your basket on EVERY Shopping cycle?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I swear pH care's guava variant is a must for me (It's kinda lessen the itchiness I suffer from sanitary pads I used whenever my visitor came)!

    1. I love Guava variant and I love how "clean" i feel "down there" Definitely the best variant for PH Care!


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