Saturday, October 31, 2015

AMW Reports: DunloPillo Moments with Fellow Mommies

A lot of you are probably not used to seeing me posts about "mommy-related" topics!  A lot of you probably can't even blurt out "AskMeMom".  As for me, as early as 16 years old, I knew I'd be a great mom!  I always have this "motherly instinct" and actions that would lead my friends to say: "Mommy Nikki" or just plain "Mommy"!

I didn't mind that, I actually enjoy taking care of my friends and relatives!

BUT, the moment I really turned into a mom, my life was turned upside down!  One of the biggest change I've encountered for the first year of motherhood is how taking a full 30 minutes sleep/nap is a luxury!  And how much I appreciate comfortable mattress and pillows!

To my single readers out there, I'm sure it never crossed your mind to save money to invest on a good mattress or pillow right?  AH HA!  I knew it!  Because I'm used to be like that ! I would laugh at the thought of buying pillows even if they are on sale!  I just think the old ones I have are enough.

Yes, I'm eating all my words right now!

I know I don't have the right to complain, I'm a mother of just ONE little boy as opposed to my mom who personally took care of all 4 of us siblings! 

I co-sleep with my son because, well, we just want to savor the moment our son still wants to be with us, as we are sure by the time he grows older, he'll want to have his own bed or even room!  Fellow moms out there who co-sleep with their kids, I'm sure you understand how it is to wake up with sore back, stiff neck and still laugh about it because it will be an everything thing!

During DunloPillo event, I get to chat with fellow mommy bloggers and DunloPillo's Mom Ambassadors who share the same experiences as I do and we just can't help but laugh about it and pat ourselves on the back!

One Mom Ambassador, radio DJ and host Andi Manzano exclaimed how no amount of books you read or advice you hear truly prepares you to motherhood.  

 Blogger Cat Arambulo has a 3 year old toddler who is hyper active so she appreciate catching zzz's as much as she can.

Model-turned mother Kelly Misa also shared how quality rest is important for working moms.

And DunloPillo understands how moms like us deserve the sleep we need and want.  DunloPillo, I just learned during the event, is available over 70 countries worldwide.  With over 85 years of scientific research and innovation, DunloPillo mattresses provide superior comort and support.  And this year, they launch a new line of mattresses called NormaBlock.  Fully engineered in Europe, this mattress has the most superior innerspring system.  Meaning, this distinctive design spring system provide the right comfort and greater body support.

 Aside from that,  Dunlopillo mattresses and pillows are made with Pure latex thus they are more resilient, lighter and more porous and pliable hence they are more hygienic, breathable, more natural and durable.

Cai and I can't help but try out their newest Normablock technology by Pikolin Spain.

*sigh* they are indeed extremely comfortable and I just want to go home and change our mattresses!

The Normalblock mattresses come in 3 designs --- the Catleya, Decora and Lucia differing in height, levels of support and the added technology in each mattress.

If you want to start investing on a good "sleeping habit", you can also start with their pillows!  

Clockwise: Serene Pillow, Serene Contour Pillow and Serenity Pillow

 For reference

The event was hosted by a good friend Patty Laurel-Filart.

And I finally met Theo Love!

Fellow mommies sharing funny and crazy moments with their kids!

Dunlopillo's latest Normablock Colleciton is available at Dunlopillo showroom sat 16 Acropolis Commerical Area, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis Quezon City and the MC Home Depot Fort Branch.

Do share your special moments here by commenting below and use #DunlopilloMoments.  Follow Dunlopillo on Twitter and Instagram @dunlopilloph

How important are mattresses and pillows for you?
My answer now?  VERY!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Even I'm still single...I'm always in search of perfect pillow am crious with serene contour pillow (perhaps, it solve my neck problems every morning)

    1. super good for you!!! I love Serene Pillow, been using it for weeks, I don't have back pains!


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