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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Eureka Moment: For Your Home

Happy New Year again AMW Friends!
Are you back at work?  Well, either you're in the office or at home, I would like to thank you for visiting this blog for updates!  I appreciate it a lot! :)  *hugs*

Today is my first Eureka Moment for the year 2014 and there will definitely be more to come!  Since I think you guys are a huge part of my life, I would like to share to you that we are moving (not countries, but I'm referring to home!)  It is not far from where I live but yes, it is one huge step for us to move out and I'm sure it won't be easy!  

One thing about the Chinese culture when moving houses, aside from picking a good date, there are also some no-nos when it comes to drilling!  For someone who loves trinkets and cute stuff, and let's not forget, with a baby around, you bet I can fill up the house in no time!  So I'm definitely on the lookout for products that would help us keep our home simple yet organized! 

First Eureka Moment --- Home Edition!  SureStick!

SureStick is owned by a dear blog reader and a high school mate of mine!  :)  Thankfully, this isn't a shameless plug as when I received the products, I knew I would love them as they are indeed made of good quality and I can't wait to install them at focal points of our new home!

I know you can find hooks and attachments at various shops but what I love about Surestick is the wide arrays of colors and designs you can choose from!  

Soap and Toothbrush Holder 
(in Pink Square, Violet Saure, Floral Square and Animal Printed Square)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

AMW Reports: Getting to know Magniflex

Last Wednesday, I got an invite to visit the three-story building along  Connecticut Street in Greenhills called Homestudio Inc.  What's inside the building?

A high profile brand called Magniflex.  To those who don't know the brand, Magniflex is 100% Italian made mattresses and sleep accessories!

You read that right, mattresses....sleep accessories!  That's the reason why the pregnant woman who suffers morning sickness drag her butt out of the house to visit the showroom!  I am definitely in need of good night sleep and so far, 4 pillows with me still doesn't help and I'm intrigued to get ideas on how to have a more comfortable sleep! At the right price and within my budget of course!  *winks*

The event was hosted by Melai and we were introduced to the owner of Homestudio Inc. Mr. Grant Lim.  It was a wonderful success story to share that Grant finally fulfilled his dream to open up his own business and this is actually the industry he is very passionate about!  See?  Dreams do come true!


After the welcoming remarks, we were toured around the showroom and that's when I realized Homestudio Inc. does not only distribute Magniflex, the company also distributes high-end tiles and finishings straight from Italy!

Indoor and Outdoor Tiles


 More Taps/Fittings and accessories

Shower heads!  
We do have the circular shower head which I love!!!

More Indoor/Outdoor Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Home Studio has actually considered our living space as an environment to be furnished in a way that can make us feel comfortable and looks elegant at the same time!  My brother, who is an Architect, will definitely enjoy checking out this showroom!

Now let's get back to those who love to sleep --- ME!  Let's talk about Magniflex!  From mattresses, pillows, resting accessories and a whole lot more, I can't wait to talk to an expert to know which mattress works for me!

After sharing to Mr. Magniflex *lol* (Sorry I forgot his name!) my back problems, my skin allergies, the sleeping position I'm most comfortable with, we came into a conclusion that the Duoform XS works for me.

  • Made without padding so the memoform magnifoam layer reacts more directly to the body.
  • Shape-conforming.
  • Eliosoft layer supports the spine and offers correct body positioning, firm yet gentle.
  • Reversible to a firmer side. (I like this idea!)
  • Covered with "Love Sleep" Heart-patterned embroidered fabric.  (Perfect for Mr. and Mrs. AMW :P)
  • Practical, removable and washable cover

Of course, "To Each His Own"!  No one can tell us which is the best mattress until we use a mattress that would give what our body needs!  For me, a perfect mattress would be extra comfortable, adapts to my body's climate, doesn't make me perspire, doesn't give me the backache in the morning and the added hypoallergenic factor would be perfect!

After learning so much about different mattresses, pillows and their advantages, we were led to the dining area and dinner were served.  Yummy food were from Torch!  My favorite restaurant!

During dinner, a game was played between the "teenagers" and the "mommies"  *laughs*  It was Pinoy-Henyo style!  Congratulations to Michelle and Rowena for winning this round!

And the best in "sleepwear" goes to...Cute Sophie!!!! :)

The bloggers and the people from HomeStudio, Inc.

Thank you Marj for the invite and Home Studio Inc for the warm welcome!
Visit Home Studio 
#63 Connecticut St., Greenhills
San Juan City
Tel. no: (632) 726-9414

Would you spend a bit more for comfort while you sleep? :)
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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Something New: BC Fragrance + Giveaway! --- CLOSED!!!

*Winners announced

Congratulations ---

I have this thing about coming home into a sweet-smelling room!  My sister-in-law once asked: "Why does your room smells like a nice hotel room?"  Well, the secret is out!  I've always been a fan of reed diffusers and I have finished up more than 5 bottles for the past 4 years.  Believe it or not, a lot of them lasts a year.  Now that I'm almost ready to purchase my "signature room scent"  I was sent with this.  (Thanks Patty for introducing me to this brand.)

 Thanks Bernadette and Caroline for the wonderful handwritten note

BC Fragrance started with only 10 fine fragrance in the year 2009 and just after 3 short years, they now carry more than 300 fragrances and fragrances oils for perfumery, personal care, household and industrial products.  I've checked their website and I'm amazed on the wide variety of products you can find --- bath and body care, home fragrances and other special fragrance products.  

L-R BC Fragrance Aromatic Diffuser Vanilla Beans Php400.00
BC Fragrance Vanilla Beans Room Fragrance
BC Fragrance Pillow Mist Php150.00

Here's how to use Aromatic Diffusers --- I promise you, it is very simple you get sweet smelling room in less than a minute!
  •  Pour oil into the diffuser bottle
  • Dip sticks mid-level into the diffuser oil.
  • Flip sticks and place wet portion exposed to air
  • Place holder back on bottle and enjoy!

I immediately tried it and I'm happy the scent isn't overwhelming, just a nice hint of vanilla scent as I enter th room!

Aside from room fragrances, linen and pillow sprays.  BC Fragrances also creates customized perfumes.  I have to admit, I get psyched seeing my name printed on bottle!

Parum No. V07-325 Specially made for Nikki Tiu!
Ingredients: Apricot, Lily, Apple, Guava, Dark Chocolate, Tiare, vanilla and Amber
I used my "Nikki Tiu" scent for the past 2 days and I'm loving it!  Thank you Bernadette Lim for this!

And before I end this post, here's the best part!  Our friends from BC Fragrance will be giving away 2 sets of Vanilla Beans Collection!  

How to join?
  • Like BC Fragrance on Facebook.
  • Follow BC Fragrance on Twitter
  • Comment in this blog post your name and email address and answer this question: "Given the chance to pick any product from BC Fragrance Online Store, which product would you get and why?"
  • Contest starts today ends Aug 10, 2012 (11:50pm local time).
  • One comment per person only.  
  • 2 winners will be picked via Fruit Machine.
  • 2 local winners will be notified via email.  Winners must respond within 48 hours after the email was sent or a new winner will be picked.
BC Fragrance is exclusively available at

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Thanks BC Fragrance and to the rest, good luck!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Wonder: "Scented Room"

Back when I was living and working in China, I like to "personalize" the place that was rented out for me to lessen the homesickness.  Redecorating is a thing I do during my free time as it relaxes me!

How to decorate minus the excess spending since its just my temporary home?  I would throw in random pillows, rugs, and pictures of my loved ones!  Shaped-vases was also added along with fake flowers which was exchanged with real ones from time to time (Note: Not suitors!  From students okay?).  

One key piece that I would like to add is a scented oil burner!  As nice as it may look, I get clumsy and forgetful at times (actually it's all the time) so I steer away on candles!  It was a Eureka Moment when I found an electric version of the scented oil burner!  Bought a couple of scented oils and its a perfect way to relax me after a long day in class!  

By the time I need to return back home, it was very stressful to pack everything and have it shipped! I've decided to give them away to my friends in China.  But once I got here, I've been missing the oil burner and been trying to search for a replacement. 

I was in vain....

Then my best friend threw me a surprise Bridal Shower party and we spent the night with friends at a Condo Unit, once I got into the room, I sniffed like a dog and asked her right away why the room smells nice!

She showed me a Reed Diffuser next to the air conditioner!  I guess it showed on my face how much I wanted it, she bought me one for Christmas that same year.  She has to buy it from Canada as it wasn't readily available back then.

What's a Reed Diffuser?
It is a home fragrance product that comes in container, scented oil and reeds.  It is obviously safer to use as compared to candles or the electric version.  You will just put the reeds to the oil and once the reeds get wet, soaks up the oil and carries it all the way to the rest of the reeds thus making the room scented.  

Fast forward, I've finished up approximately 6-8 bottles of different brands!  I've used the good ones and the not so good ones (those scent that does not last long).

So far, I'm happy with the current one I'm using...

Amber Lights Laguna
Reed Diffuser

The variant I got is Day At The Spa
the name says it all, feels like a relaxing day inside a Spa once I get in my room.
100ml costs Php425.00 (approx $10.12).
Available ONLINE.

So far, been using this more than 2 months and I'm not halfway done with this yet!  I was told by Smile not to use all the Reeds, 2-3 sticks are enough for a small room and probably 4-6 sticks for medium-sized room.  I like flipping the sticks every now and then.  So far, so good!  Does not give me the headache as opposed to other brands.  Will definitely repurchase as I plan to put one inside my bathroom.

My reed diffuser sitting comfortably next to 
my Bangui Windmill from Ilocos Norte!  *laughs*
Next to it is our Air Purifier.

I Wonder:
"Have you discovered the power of Reed Diffusers?"
"Which brand do you use?"

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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