Thursday, January 14, 2016

Luva PureAir Purifier Review

Before I had a baby, our family invested on an Air Purifier for large room hoping to help clear out my allergies.  At that time, there wasn't much choices back then!  I remembered choosing between a "bulky" and "less bulky" Air Purifiers which does not look "aesthetically" nice inside our room.

Fast forward to today, thankfully, we, as consumers are so lucky to have better Air Purifier Choices both the looks, quality and price!

So I recently blogged about the difference between Air Purifier and an Air Humidifier , now that you have a clearer picture of what you need, I may as well add on another post on my current Air Purifier.

Can you spot it?  It looks perfect on top of my white desk!

a photo of Luva PureAir Purifier

Luva PureAir Purifier by Gwell ---

"Luva Pureair has four functions that make the air you and your baby breathe safe and clean. The processes are Purification, Sterilization, Deodorization and Aromatherapy. The first and only 4in1 functions purifier here in the Philippines will surely shield your family to various diseases. Below is the link of youtube for your reference."

a photo of Luva PureAir Purifier
I know this product is marketed especially for homes with babies and children but I highly recommend this product even for adults especially those who have lung-related diseases like asthma.

Luva PureAir comes in 2 colors, black and white!  I'm glad I got the white once because it looks so chic on top of my desk.

For someone who did not read the manual, this product is user-friendly and easy to control.  You only need to click the big button at the lower center part of the purifier and light will lit up!  There are 2 settings to choose from.
a photo of Luva PureAir Purifier

I tried using this for more than a month and here's what I have to say ---
  • Very pretty for display inside any room.
  • Easy to use even for first-time users.
  • It does purify the air, I tried applying nail polish inside a closed room and was surprised how there were no polish odor that usually lingers in the room.
  • Lesser allergic reactions for both me and Kyle. 
  • Aside from air purification, I can also add in my favorite Aromatherapy oils and the rooms smells wonderful.
  • Very easy to clean.  Though the color is white, I find the texture very easy to clean with damp cloth.
For better understanding, I took photos of the product ---

Inside the Luva PureAir Purifier is an Ultra Plasma Ion Filter (UPI) for Sterilization.  This is where viruses and bacteria such as as Influenza virus, H5N1, N7N9 can be removed.  This "unseen" portion is permanent use, no need for change.

  • Remove 99.7% of various viruses and bacteria such as Influenza virus, H5N1, N7N9 
  • Permanent use
  • - See more at:

    • Remove 99.7% of various viruses and bacteria such as Influenza virus, H5N1, N7N9 
    • Permanent use
    - See more at:
    a photo of Luva PureAir Purifier

    Next comes the Customized 3D Carbon Filter , this is the main reason why I can't seem to smell polish odors, food and other smoke and bad odors!
     a photo of Luva PureAir Purifier

    Replacement for this can be done after 3-6 months depending on usage.
     a photo of Luva PureAir Purifier

    To help the Purification process, they also include the E-Nano Filter,  this is the "king" in collecting 99.7% fine dust under PM2.5.   For me, this is the most important part of an Air Purifier in helping me have less allergies.

    This can be washed but needs to be replaced after 3-6 months of use.

    After a month of usage, you can see the "dust" collected (can you see the grayish portion of the filter?)  That's how dirty our room is even when we almost never open the windows!
    a photo of Luva PureAir Purifier

    Lastly, this part is not important for me when we were looking for an Air Purifier but such a nice feature to include since we are a fan of aromatherapy oils.  I have a separate Aromatherapy Diffuser from Muji for our living room and instead of purchasing another one for our room, this function is included in the Luva PureAir!   I can easily pour in my favorite oil to soothe and calm my senses whenever I work or sleep.  (Citrus and energizing scent for working hours, lavender or any calming scent before I go to bed)
    a photo of Luva PureAir Purifier

    The size of the product 260x160x260mm weighing only 1.6kg.  Priced locally at Php11,990.00 available at Rustans Shangri-la, Rustans Makati and Rustans Alabang Town Center.

    For more information ---
    Instagram: @luvapureairph

    Do you personally think an Air Purifier is important for your family?
    BIG YES for me as I've seen positive results after using it for both me and my family!

    Keep smilin'
    Stay happy!


    1. Can it operate 24/7? You know sometimes we forgot to turn it on and off :D

      1. Yes! I used it 24/7 and so far, the machine didn't heat up and it is still in good working condition :D

    2. Yes Ann. We actually tested it 24/7 for a month and it still does its job pretty well.

    3. Such a great invention. Mommies really need this for their babies. We’re looking for an air purifier especially when Baby Charley got sipon. This is quite pricey though, but when it comes to health it’s a worthy investment.

    4. What is size of the room for the luvA air to be most effective

    5. hi! do you think this is better than airfree air pufifier?

    6. hi! do you think this is worth it, considering the maintenance of replacing the filter parts every 3-6mos.?


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