Saturday, September 22, 2012

AMW Reports: Getting to know Magniflex

Last Wednesday, I got an invite to visit the three-story building along  Connecticut Street in Greenhills called Homestudio Inc.  What's inside the building?

A high profile brand called Magniflex.  To those who don't know the brand, Magniflex is 100% Italian made mattresses and sleep accessories!

You read that right, mattresses....sleep accessories!  That's the reason why the pregnant woman who suffers morning sickness drag her butt out of the house to visit the showroom!  I am definitely in need of good night sleep and so far, 4 pillows with me still doesn't help and I'm intrigued to get ideas on how to have a more comfortable sleep! At the right price and within my budget of course!  *winks*

The event was hosted by Melai and we were introduced to the owner of Homestudio Inc. Mr. Grant Lim.  It was a wonderful success story to share that Grant finally fulfilled his dream to open up his own business and this is actually the industry he is very passionate about!  See?  Dreams do come true!


After the welcoming remarks, we were toured around the showroom and that's when I realized Homestudio Inc. does not only distribute Magniflex, the company also distributes high-end tiles and finishings straight from Italy!

Indoor and Outdoor Tiles


 More Taps/Fittings and accessories

Shower heads!  
We do have the circular shower head which I love!!!

More Indoor/Outdoor Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Home Studio has actually considered our living space as an environment to be furnished in a way that can make us feel comfortable and looks elegant at the same time!  My brother, who is an Architect, will definitely enjoy checking out this showroom!

Now let's get back to those who love to sleep --- ME!  Let's talk about Magniflex!  From mattresses, pillows, resting accessories and a whole lot more, I can't wait to talk to an expert to know which mattress works for me!

After sharing to Mr. Magniflex *lol* (Sorry I forgot his name!) my back problems, my skin allergies, the sleeping position I'm most comfortable with, we came into a conclusion that the Duoform XS works for me.

  • Made without padding so the memoform magnifoam layer reacts more directly to the body.
  • Shape-conforming.
  • Eliosoft layer supports the spine and offers correct body positioning, firm yet gentle.
  • Reversible to a firmer side. (I like this idea!)
  • Covered with "Love Sleep" Heart-patterned embroidered fabric.  (Perfect for Mr. and Mrs. AMW :P)
  • Practical, removable and washable cover

Of course, "To Each His Own"!  No one can tell us which is the best mattress until we use a mattress that would give what our body needs!  For me, a perfect mattress would be extra comfortable, adapts to my body's climate, doesn't make me perspire, doesn't give me the backache in the morning and the added hypoallergenic factor would be perfect!

After learning so much about different mattresses, pillows and their advantages, we were led to the dining area and dinner were served.  Yummy food were from Torch!  My favorite restaurant!

During dinner, a game was played between the "teenagers" and the "mommies"  *laughs*  It was Pinoy-Henyo style!  Congratulations to Michelle and Rowena for winning this round!

And the best in "sleepwear" goes to...Cute Sophie!!!! :)

The bloggers and the people from HomeStudio, Inc.

Thank you Marj for the invite and Home Studio Inc for the warm welcome!

Visit Home Studio 
#63 Connecticut St., Greenhills
San Juan City
Tel. no: (632) 726-9414

Would you spend a bit more for comfort while you sleep? :)
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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