Thursday, January 2, 2014

Eureka Moment: For Your Home

Happy New Year again AMW Friends!
Are you back at work?  Well, either you're in the office or at home, I would like to thank you for visiting this blog for updates!  I appreciate it a lot! :)  *hugs*

Today is my first Eureka Moment for the year 2014 and there will definitely be more to come!  Since I think you guys are a huge part of my life, I would like to share to you that we are moving (not countries, but I'm referring to home!)  It is not far from where I live but yes, it is one huge step for us to move out and I'm sure it won't be easy!  

One thing about the Chinese culture when moving houses, aside from picking a good date, there are also some no-nos when it comes to drilling!  For someone who loves trinkets and cute stuff, and let's not forget, with a baby around, you bet I can fill up the house in no time!  So I'm definitely on the lookout for products that would help us keep our home simple yet organized! 

First Eureka Moment --- Home Edition!  SureStick!

SureStick is owned by a dear blog reader and a high school mate of mine!  :)  Thankfully, this isn't a shameless plug as when I received the products, I knew I would love them as they are indeed made of good quality and I can't wait to install them at focal points of our new home!

I know you can find hooks and attachments at various shops but what I love about Surestick is the wide arrays of colors and designs you can choose from!  

Soap and Toothbrush Holder 
(in Pink Square, Violet Saure, Floral Square and Animal Printed Square)

Hooks are also available in squares and circle stickers! 
I love the transparent one as I do not have to worry about them matching the color of the room.
 I have a huge jewelry holder and I would love to hang it on the clear hook!  Based on the product information, the hooks can hold up to 7lbs!  


More Hooks and Multi-Purpose Holder

 The best and cutest of all?  They have hooks perfect for my baby's room!  How cute could they get?

Perfect for my baby Kyle!  The kit also includes extra stickers!  You can imagine how my baby's bathroom would look like!  Firefighter theme!!!

For more product information and details, visit
You can find Sure Stick at the ff: SM branches:

SM Megamall Branch
4th Flr. SM Megamall Atrium
(beside Starbucks Coffee).
SM North Edsa Branch
2nd Flr. SM North EDSA
Annex Building


Overall, I am very happy with the quality and I cant' wait to install them once we moved out!  I will definitely take photos of them on Instagram so feel free to follow me on @AskMeWhats !

What are other important things I should look into for home organization?
Feel free to type in your comments and suggestions!  I would love to hear from you!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


(Product sent for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

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