Wednesday, December 4, 2019

My Tiny Secret as a Multi-Tasking Mom!

NO, not a messy table!  *laughs*

I hope this overview shows you how much work I do on a daily basis.  Come, join my world!

After sending my son to school and workout, I go back home and answer emails!  Loads of them!  

I also schedule meetings and events in between creating curriculum for my makeup and skincare training jobs, send out proposals for clients and a whole lot of PR work.

And of course, I also do a lot of online shopping in this particular workplace because ... too busy to go out for shopping!  So if you wonder how I manage to do a lot of things, this is one tiny secret I'm sharingThere's no way I could get everything done without sites like Amazon!

Given the time, I would do #AMWIGtv or #AMWIGStories in between answering queries and sharing beauty tips!

Spot a common denominator?  Though my home office has airconditioner, I find myself sweating like a pig from all the tasks I do, as much as I'd love to turn my huge fan, I don't like the extra buzzing sound when I record videos or papers flying out.  I have this cute friend called Akari Deskfan!  Seriously ang cute niya and very nice to look at on top of my work desk.  Not an eye sore!

Akari has been a household name because I purchase their extension cords, emergency lights a whole lot more!  

The Akari Rechargeable Twin Turbo Fan is my most recent addition because of my active sweat glands!  

Now here are just some of the features of the Akari Rechargeable Twin Turbo Fan if you love specs just like Mr. AMW!

  • 5 inch blade size
  • 18x43cm size
  • Power: 5W
  • Color Temperature: 6500K Daylight - which I like!
  • Operating time for fan : 7 hrs top fan and 7 hrs bottom fan, 4.5 hours both fan.
  • Charging time is 8 hours
  • Li-Ion 

Now if you like me you just like it it layman's term --- it looks cute, it has double fan and if the weather gets super hot, I use 2 fans together.  If I need just a breeze of air, I use just 1 fan and it won't bother my video recording!

And the size?  Perfect to tote along with me wherever I go since this is a USB charged product.  Whenever my son calls for my attention, I can bring down my laptop in random corners and areas of the house and tag the Akari Rechargeable Twin Turbo Fan with me!

 Because getting hot and perspiring in between work is not an option nowadays with all the wonderful products meant to help make our lives easier and more comfortable!

For more information, visit

What's your superMom secret fellow mommies?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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