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BLUEAIR Blue Pure 411 Review

I started having allergies by the time I turned 26, it was a late event I wished I didn't have to go through.  I've done Skin Allergy Test (Skin Prick Test) resulted me in knowing that I'm allergic to dust, pollens, dust mites and a whole lot air born stuff I can't seem to stay away from!   One way for me to "lessen" my allergies is to invest in an Room Air Purifier which I did for the past decade and so far some works at a certain extent and some failed to live longer than my allergies!

I recently got to try a brand called BlueAir Philippines.  Blueair offers high performance indoor air purifiers with focus on quality, energy and environmental care.  I did a couple of research and finally decided to give Blue Pure 411 a try!

Note from Author: There's only 3 of us in the family and all 3 of us have allergies!  So yes, this is definitely a MUST in our household.  

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Blue Pure 411 says ---

I love the fact that this is visually beautiful to look at and out of all the Air Purifier brand I've searched for, this has the simplest yet most classy design.  It doesn't hurt that the Blue Pure 411 comes in 3 choice of color and design for the fabric pre-filter.

The Blue Pure 411 comes in cylindrical shape and with straightforward features.  

An on/off button and speed control of 3 settings.  On/Low if you press once to turn unit on.  Medium if you press twice to set to a medium speed and lastly, High if you press three times to set on high speed.

The fourth press will turn the unit off and you'll know the "speed" with the light displayed on top!

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This light display is also the same light that serves as an indicator to change the filter if it turns red in approximately 6 months of operation.  I like this function as some Air Purifier would need me just to take a look at the filter if it "looks dirty" for a change!  I don't like to second guest, I want a professional machine to tell me when the filter needs to be changed!

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Let's talk about the filter itself.  You may choose between a Particle Filter or a Particle + Carbon Filter.  If like me, you also like to remove Smoke, Dust Mites Bacteria and Chemical Cooking odors, go for Particle + Carbon Filter and that's what I have right now.

Here are the technical specifications just in case you want to know.

As for me, I'd give you a quick overview of my experience using this unit.

  • Low and Medium setting is extremely quiet.  High setting has a bit of sound but you almost can't hear it since it is situated on the floor and you'll get used to it!
  • The Blue Pure 411 looks really nice and fashionable inside the room I don't mind it hanging around.
  • I personally felt a HUGE difference after using this for a week!  My son tends to wake up with sniffles and after having this inside the room, he wakes up without sneezing or runny nose!  
  • My skin allergies lessened 25-30% in just a week usage!  I don't have as much skin allergies especially in the morning.  I usually wake up with itchy arms and legs.
  • Mr. AMW doesn't seem to sneeze as much especially at nighttime.  
  • I can actually apply nail polish at night while my son is asleep without the extreme nail polish odor as opposed to not having this Air Purifier!

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I find myself switching this on as soon as I get into the room.  This felt like a huge protection for me and my family and I am actually looking into purchasing another unit for my son's play area which houses a lot of dust from all the books and toys! 

The Blueair Blue Pure 411 is priced locally at Php8,995.00.  It is much cheaper than other Air Purifiers I've purchased in the past and this is indeed a great investment seems I can immediately feel the positive effects of using this unit!

Do you think you need this in your household?

For more information, visit  You may check out their store availability here.  Feel free to follow them on Instagram.

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