Thursday, October 10, 2019

Nail Art Tutorial: Purple Dainty Nails

My love for nail art never fades.  It has been more than 10 years ago when I started "trying" to do nail art using random tools as there wasn't a lot of options back then!  

I stopped doing nail art after getting pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding then my schedule goes extremely busy from looking after each milestones of my son I almost never wear polish anymore!

Today, even with a little time on hand before I go to bed, that's the best time for me to schedule a quick nail art with the help of my ever supportive hubby who helps me grab things or open up polish bottles as you all know --- Girls are weakest with wet polish on! :D

I am getting back to my MOJO so here you go!  Another installment of my Nail Art Tutorial!  I hope you enjoyed watching the quick #AMWIGtv as well!

Products used ---

  • Girlstuff Nail Hardener
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Boho-a-go-go
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Plush Blush
  • Sally Hansen Top Coat
  • Girlstuff French Tip
  • Girlstuff Mircale Top Coat

Continue to watch full video!

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Stay happy!

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