Saturday, February 23, 2019

Living Fresh and Easy with Panasonic Home Appliances

Name the brand of your appliances and I won't be surprised to hear the brand Panasonic as we have quite a number of Panasonic items at home.

last month, I attended a Panasonic Philippines event and they proved their brand's legacy of innovation and reliability with its newest line of home appliances displayed beautifully during the launch. 

With a design that is perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle, the new Panasonic Washer is packed with several features that will surely bring superior wash performance in just one touch: StainMaster+ feature that gives intensive multi-stains removal function and bacteria elimination; Easy Wide Opening function that is perfect for large laundry like bed comforters and bed sheets; Active Foam System function creates fine foam that lifts dirt from the clothes’ fibre easily; Econavi feature provides optimum electricity, water and time saving operation during your laundry; and Rear Control Panel that helps the consumer easily read and operate.The new Panasonic Washer will surely give the consumers and new market the promise to an easier and effective way of cleaning garments.

Continuing their mission to provide products that are easy to use, tough to break, and which provide long and loyal use for more than six decades now, the new Panasonic Refrigerator will surely deliver an advanced Japanese technology making your kitchen and life better. Its multiple features give better storing experiences for your food: PrimeFresh Freezing function that has soft freezing technology which keeps the freshness and flavour of your food up to 7 days. With this feature you can waste no time defrosting and easily prepare delicious, nutritious home-cooked meals for your family; Its Nanoe Technology feature helps suppresses the odour of food to prevent them from spreading; and its multiple drawer such as Automatic Ice Maker and separate compartments for fruits and vegetables.

With a promise to create a Total Air Solutions packed with multiple features, the new Panasonic Air Conditioner aims to improve indoor air quality for healthier and better living: Nano-e Technology that helps deodorises odours, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses and is effective in dust removal for a fresher, cleaner, and healthier indoor environment; Air Purification System that cools down and purifies the air even with cooling off; and Inverter System for energy saving and greater efficiency. Panasonic knows we spend most of our time indoors, that why they want to improve the Quality of Air, so you can improve the Quality of Life.

Panasonic’s 2019 Home Appliance Collection will be available in dealers nationwide.
What's a Panasonic Home Appliance you have at home?

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  1. Most preferable brand!! I am using two panasonic products Smart Tv and Washing machine from last 2 years. I have bought this from Ali Express Store at best discount price. Up to now I haven't faced any issues with these prodcuts.

    Happy to share that I am one of the happy panasonic customer!!


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