Friday, February 22, 2019

BeachBorn PiggyLash Review

"Use Castor Oil ma'am!"
"Ma'am, iksi ng lashes mo, try mo Castor Oil."

I've heard those lines gazillion times, I always ask "Where to buy?" and ended up with answers like "Sa Mercury lang!" and I never bought one.

I guess it's the fact that it is housed in bottle and the thought of putting "oil" on my lashes.  Seriously: "Seryoso ka ba? Masakit yon for sure!"  was on top of my head.  You know me, I love beauty but I love myself more!  Why would I torture myself right? :P

So when I got myself a BeachBorn PiggyLash named so cute plus housed in a bottle that looks like a makeup and skincare product!  Why not?

I used it right away and fast forward to today, it has been a month already!  

BeachBorn Piggylash Lash and Brow Serum
Available HERE

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It's small, handy and have a mascara wand that comes with it making is super easy to apply on brows or lashes.

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A product inspired by The Muppets resident vamp, Ms. Piggy.
Caster Oil is an age old beauty treatment that has been proven to stimulate hair growth by up to 5x more.
We've infused our cold processed and cold pressed caster oil with Vitamin E for an added boost.  Apply daily before bedtime for lush brows and lashes.

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Let me be honest, my lashes are non-existent to start with so I am not expecting anything in a month's time!  So, let me share to you my thoughts on using this product and maybe, a good and clear before and after photo once I'm done with the bottle.

AMW says ---

  • Very handy.  Perfect packaging.
  • Very convenient to use due to the mascara wand that comes in perfect size
  • Works for brows and lashes.
  • Can smoothen and tame brow hairs.
  • I used this mainly on my lashes since I have thick and full brows to start with, I like it that the oil is lightweight so it does not feel heavy on lashes and best of all, does not blur my vision or hurt my eyes.
  • At times though when I applied too much, some of the oil may get into my eyes, it does sting a bit but nothing scary and scream-worthy!  (Tip: Use a cotton bud and gently remove excess oil that gets in contact with the eyes and you're going to be okay!)
  • Lashes feel smooth and looks a bit thicker after a month's usage.  I don't see it getting longer but I an definitely feel it looks thicker.  
Overall, I am happy with the product making it easy for me to stick to this regimen!  I will definitely show you a photo again here or on social media so shameless plug ahead, PLEASE Follow me on Instagram.

Do you use Castor oil as beauty product?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I have long thin lashes and this one seems really fit for me. Will check this out thanks!

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