Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tough Mama - that's us mommies!

I used to think my mama is so tough nothing can make her tired!  After turning into a mom myself, I realized my mom is not just tired (taking care 4 of us + 2 bedridden grandparents) - SHE WAS EXHAUSTED!

But because of her extreme love for the family, she is turning herself into a TOUGH MAMA because she wanted the best for us.

Up until today, I still call my mom to tell her I miss her, love her and appreciate her!  I know NOTHING CAN REPAY her unconditional love but its' the least I can do!  Mommy work is NO JOKE! 

So when I got an invite to attend a Tough Mama event, I knew I had to clear up my schedule because I want to meet fellow tough mommies and learn ways to make life easier!

I wish my mom has these means to make her life easier back then - aren't we lucky?

The event was held at Flossom Kitchen last February 19, I met a lot of cool mommas!  I had a great afternoon with loads of laughter!

It was hosted by Ms. Karen Kabuhat and Chef Jam Melchor was there to do a cooking demo!  I actually did his Pork Chop recipe and it was a huge success!

Beef Caldereta Dish by Chef Jam using Tough Mama cookware

Pork Chop

All Tough Mama items were displayed at the event location.  I have a thing for the 8-in-1 multicooker! Gusto ko na siya!

Bento Mommas were also there to share to us Bento Box making tips!  I had so much fun and creating my Bento Box with Kyle in mind!  How do you like it?

That's one Tough Mama for you!
Who is your Tough Mama icon?
Do you own Tough Mama appliance/cookware at home?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm not a momma but I'm very interested in this cooker! Thanks for sharing <3

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    1. naku even non mommies would appreciate products like these to make our lives easier


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