Friday, March 15, 2019

Rock Climbing Experience with Zojirushi PH

Zojirushi, invited me with fellow bloggers/vloggers for an afternoon of wall/rock climbing.  This is one activity I've been wanting to do all my life, everytime I have the opportunity, I was either busy doing something else or I don't have enough time.

I drove all the way to Edge Climb Gym by Upper Deck for this one, it took me 1.5 hours but it was worth it.  Just look at my "I got it to the top of the wall  face!"

You all knew by now I started going back to workout 2019, because of the intense workout, I drink MORE water than usual and I can see my skin getting more plump than ever and I go to the bathroom more often, meaning, toxins are washed off from my body.  Because of that, I feel healthier each day!

Now, since we're on the topic of drinking, shouldn't we enjoy the beverages we drink?  Whether hot or cold?  I usually prepare my coffee early in the morning and drink in between stoplight!  At times, I've noticed I've been driving for good 15 minutes without stopping so my coffee ended up getting cold!  Zojirushi is a brand known for vacuum insulated stainless tumbler which can maintain hot or cold beverages for up to 24 hours, yes, tested!  The hot coffee stays HOT for HOURS AND HOURS.  

And I appreciate the fact that these tumblers have special inner coating that prevents corrosion, discoloration and most especially ODOR - I have a thing for tumblers with odor so I ended up not using them!

Rock climbing itself is super fun and I can't wait to try another round in the future.  It is even better when I spend it with blogger friends, mamshie friend AVA was there to support me so thank you love!

If you wanted to do something all your life, GO FOR IT!  Because seriously, I can't believe why it took me THIS LONG!

The event happened because Zojirushi also celebrated its 100th year last year, and I am not surprised they are that OLD because I can still see the old Zojirushi water pot from my parent's house!  They really last for a long time!

Zojirushi is available in leading department stores and has boutique stores in Greenhills Promenade and Ayala Mall Feliz.

Do you know the brand Zojirushi?
Do you own at least one item at home?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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