Saturday, March 7, 2015

Something New: Mandaue Lifestyle (Kid's Room PEG)

February of last year, Mr. AMW and I decided to move out of his parents' place and live on our own with an active toddler around!  And let me tell you, furniture shopping is expensive and extremely stressful when you're too busy to go out for furniture shopping!

A year after, and ALMOST settled, I want to plan ahead in terms of Kyle's future room!  He has a room but it looks extremely bare!  So instead of the usual mistake of panic-buying, this time, I want to plan ahead!  And I saw some "pegs" for his room!

I want this!!!!
Photo taken from Mandaue Lifestyle

Looks very pricey right?  But I was told otherwise!  Mandaue Foam (a local Cebu-based company) finally introduces MF Lifestyle!  A chic furnishings for the modern Filipino Family (us!)  They finally presented design-forward line of home furnishings to suit any lifestyle --- whether you're single, married, a fashionista or crazy mom like myself.... MF Lifestyle believes that the home is an extrension of one's personality! 

And I believe them after searching online checking their wide variety of offerings!

I felt bad I wasn't able to see these in person as I was stuck at home to look after Toddler AMW, but I will definitely include the brand as part of my #ProjectKyleRoom as MF Lifestyle can offer custom requests!  Whatever size, pattern, and shape that I may need, they will definitely oblige to my request!  YAY!

Photo taken from Mandaue Lifestyle

Eeeekkk, I want wall decors!  I want to maximize Kyle's small room as possible!
Photo taken from Mandaue Lifestyle
For more information visit

How do you like your kid's room to look like?
I like the first photo above and more ideas below! *sigh*  I should STOP Pintinterest-ing, I can't make up my mind!


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  1. OMG I want that green and blue room for myself!!!!!!

  2. wow ms nikki! any pink designs? hihi ang neat!

    1. hahah sorry, I just picked designs for boys kasi boy anak ko hahaha


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