Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Eureka Moment: Crown Pro Blending Fluff Brush and Pro Domed Blender Brush

Dear AMW Friends, 
I've been quiet for a long time on make up brushes guessed it right!  I have enough brushes to prettify 10 people without the need to wash them because I have back-ups!  And all of them are well-taken care off so I don't have the need to purchase new brush sets anytime soon.

Not when I laid my eyes on the Crown Brushes!  It was during the CBeauty event where I met Cristina Madara when I got to touch and feel Crown Brushes for the first time.

Yes, I've read positive reviews online but knowing the fact that I have to order online from US and have to wait for months for these brushes to arrive, I told myself I can get away without them.

NOT UNTIL I TOUCHED THEM!  Especially the Pro Blending Fluff Brush and Pro Domed Blender Brush!  I knew I had to get them, and now, I am thinking about purchasing backups because they are THAT good!


Crown Brush Pro Blending Brush
Php475.00 (approx $10.55)

I have enough eye blending brushes that I can really tell which ones are the good ones and which ones not worth a single centavo!  The best I've used is so far from MAC!  The MAC 217 Blending Brush!  I had to purchase 2 in Hong Kong because this is the perfect blending brush for me and for clients who have small lid space! 

As soon as I purchased the Pro Blending Brush from Crown, I am happy to announce, this definitely is the BEST blending brush I've tried!  No kidding!

It has the same "density" the MAC 217 brush has and actually shaped in a dome that is perfect to create "fake crease", create depth on your eyes or just simply blend out harsh edges!  This is a natural-haired brush that isn't scratchy even after several washes.  And best of all, the brush hairs are even better packed than the more expensive ones so this is a life-saver even for first-time eye makeup wearers.  This brush can turn you from newbie to pro!  My blending skill turns up a notch because of this brush!

So I will definitely repurchase this brush so please save one for me! :P

Since you are on to Crown Brush shopping, you may as well grab a second brush!  I picked this one for the fact that I wanted a face brush that can be used to apply foundation, cream and powder blush and even contour products!  Multi-functional is the key to my shopping nowadays and this brush fits the bill.

Crown Pro Domed Blender Brush
Php575.00 (approx $12.77)

This brush is also made from natural animal hair and is extremely mild on the skin.  This is a blender brush that can be used for liquid or powdered products.  But I personally tend to reach out for this to apply my contour powder because it is perfectly shaped for the hollows of my cheeks! 

Since it is also perfectly-domed shape, this would also work to apply your favorite blush from the apples of your cheeks giving a natural effect.

Both brushes are available online.  You may check terms and conditions before you shop for shipping costs.

I can't wait to try out more Crown brushes since the experience is indeed positive!
Do you have a favorite Crown Brush?  Any other recommendations out there?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This is the first time I heard about those babies honestly I'm preoccupied with other "crown" (Kiera Cass book, the crown) hahaha.

    1. super nice their brushes, I believe they are the "suppliers" or manufacturers for MAC brushes (don't mark my words, haka haka) :P

    2. They are indeed that's why it has the same feel. I've seen some reviews on utube kaya nga when I found out crown nalang hahanapin ko sana to buy online kase cheaper siya kaso parang wala naman dito sa PH. Even ung make up sila din nagmamanufacture sa iba. Pangalan lang pinaiiba.


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