Tuesday, December 1, 2015

AMW Wears: SNOE Glam Jam Lip & Cheek Plumper Tint in Bubble Gum

So I recently received the SNOE Glam Jam Lip & Cheek Plumper Tint from the Christmas tin can that was sent from SNOE as a Holiday gift for Bloggers!  The first product that caught my attention is this Lip & Cheek Tint --- as I originally missed reading the word "Plumper".  As you all know, I have full lips so I try to steer clear from using Lip Plumpers because I may look like the "Lips walking with a face!"  (You get that joke?) 

But anyways, missing the word PLUMPER is actually nice because I could be "judgmental" when it comes to products I dare not to try!  So after trying this out with a bit of "sting" on my lips, that's when I realized it is a plumping product!  But the mistake is actually a good mistake because I see something positive about this!

SNOE says ---
The new Snoe GLAM JAM Lip & Cheek Plumper Tint is a long-lasting lip & cheek plumper with instant and lasting results for bigger pouts and higher cheekbones while minimizing lines and
wrinkles on and around the lip and cheek area. It will correct, bring volume and moisturize where it is needed!

The shade I got to review is called Bubble Gum.  Bubble Gum looks reddish orange on tube but once it gets in contact with the skin, it gives a medium pink finish!

Arm Swatch (2 swipes)
The effect is very natural, almost sheer.  The has a liquid texture making it easy to blend on both cheeks and lips.

Upon reading the box description, SNOE Glam Jam Lip & Cheek Plumper tint contains Beta0Glucan, which is a skin-conditioning agent that gives better moisturizing effect than hyaluronic acid.  It also contains high levels of vitamins like Acerola Cherry, Vitamin C and other skin-loving ingredients!  That's the main reason why I was confident enough to put this product on my cheeks.

For the first time in lip & cheek tint history, I can actually dab the product straight from the applicator to my skin!  With quick patting motion, I can easily blend out the product (all thanks to the liquid texture) and it sets into a natural matte finish.  

As for the lips, I applied directly from applicator starting from the center of my lips spreading the product thinly.  You have to make sure not to lick your lips prior to application or better yet, wipe off excess lip balm, saliva and skin with a clean napkin before you apply SNOE Glam Jam, 

The product has a "bubble gum" scent, (Who remembers Bazooka?  Yup!  That exact scent!).  It gets absorbed into your lips in no time giving a tiny bit of "minty feel" that lasts only a minute or less.  As for "plump result", I honestly can't tell because I already have extremely full lips to really see the difference!  

Now, a quick tip to those who have extremely dry lips like I do, it helps to apply your favorite moisturizing balm on top of the tint because it can be drying after several minutes! 

As for longevity, it can lats almost the whole day or until makeup removal for users with normal or dry skin!  It sets really well and won't budge no matter how hard you try to rub!  I highly recommend to remove the product when the day is over using your favorite makeup remover!  

Now if you ask me, I actually like to use this more on my cheeks than lips only because of my dry-lips situation!  And can you just see how beautiful Bubble Gum shade came out against my skin? 

The SNOE Glam Jam Lip & Cheek Plumper Tint retails Php599.00 (approx $13.30) available at SNOE stores near you or you may shop online HERE.

How do you like the shade Bubble Gum on me?
Have you tried other brands of Lip & Cheek Plumper?  Any recommendations?

I actually have an Organic Lip & Cheek Plumper.  I am more comfortable to test them out now and will share reviews as soon as I'm ready!  Holler if you want to see the review ASAP!  I need a bit of push :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I wish I could wear tints on the cheeks but they make my face look blotchy and irritated. My all time favorite lip and cheek tint is by The Faceshop---it has a liquid version and a jelly version. The liquid has this cherry red tint that made my lips look so pretty. I forgot its exact name though and I dont think it is still available. This one by Snoe is very youthful although I have a guess that the color would disappear on my lips---it is too subtle for me.

    1. ahh..maybe try blending the tint at the back of your hand first before you gently dab on your cheeks? Or if it is blotchy, correct by lightening up the blotchy spot with powder!

  2. I missed Snoe's hard candy. I'm sad they phased it out :(

    1. ah yeah! that is a nice one too! maybe they just repackaged? have you checked?

  3. Cute packaging as always Snoe! Glad you liked this one. I can never get on with their products :/

    1. I don't have a lot of SNOE products but the ones I've tried are good enough :D

  4. Love love love Snoe so much! I saw this one on their newest products and it looks great. Will add it on my holy grail's list. Thanks for sharing Ms. Nikki♥


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