Wednesday, December 2, 2015

HairShaft Podium Balayage Experience #Fredified

When Angela visited me during my salon treatment more than a year ago, I knew back then that she will be my perfect "hair salon date"!  No amount of blow-drying and hairwashing can stop us from sharing stories!  

And as you all know, I had my last Hair Coloring Treatment done at Vivere Salon last April, it has been more than half a year so my hair badly needs some TLC.  And that day finally arrived!

All thanks to my dear hair-salon friend Angela for working around my schedule to have our hair #Fredified !  I've seen how her hair transformed (all #Fredified) and they all look amazing!  So I mentioned to her I definitely wanted to tag along with her on her next salon trip!

I love my ash brown color which I have been sporting for more than a year!  But I seriously needed a change and I'm definitely comfortable to have it done at HairShaft salon!  If you search for the hashtag #Fredified on Instagram, you'll definitely see amazing hair transformation so I'm really excited to leave my hair to the hands of the hair master Mr. Fred Penales.

That's us before the treatment!

I specifically mentioned to Mr. Penales how I like to have a bit of "dimension", something like highlights but a bit more subtle.  Also, I showed to him "pegs" on the shade I'm comfortable with and with just a quick glance, he went ahead in giving directions to his staffs on what to do with my hair.

My hair was washed and gentle lightening agent was applied on random areas around my hair with "foil" to protect the rest of my hair!  I was told this gentle lightening agent will "bleach" my hair without damaging it!  This is what they call Balayage!

In less than 10 minutes, my hair was washed again and I was starting to see light streaks on random areas around my head.  Truth be told, I was a bit nervous seeing weird patches of rust blonde shade!  Thankfully, I have a salon partner who is used to the HairShaft service, she told me the result would be amazing!

P.S. Thanks Oliver and Ken for taking care of me!  Oliver gave me a wonderful massage!  My tension knots were gone after leaving the salon!

My hair was also treated with a Keratin treatment because hair coloring can definitely leave your hair dry!  And the result....

When asked what is the shade used on my hair, Fred mentioned it was a "Signature Tone" with Ash Brown as base.  Yay!  Ash Brown really works for me!  I highly recommend you to take along with you various hair pegs and show it to the hair stylists and they will advise you on the best shade that would match your skin tone.

Taken by Angela on natural "mall lighting".  I love the subtle highlights and I love how unique my hair color looks!

Overall, I am very happy even after several days of washing my hair!  I may not have the wonderful curls done by the salon but I like how the color works even on my straight hair!

#Fredified Hair
Signature Tone with Balayage

With my partner-in-salon -- Angela (Thanks love!)

Approximate Price Details:
  • Full head hair color Php1,590.00 (short), Php1,990.00 (medium), and Php2,490.00 + (long). 
  • Foil highlights starts at Php1,650.00 (short, 1 color) to Php3,840.--+ (long, 3 colors).

Hairshaft is at Podium, Fort. If you want to book Fred Penales, you can reach him through 09176283906. You can call, text or Viber him. 
Follow him on Instagram (@HairshaftFred) to see his works.

How do you like my hair color? 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. oh dear!!! i love the hair color and that sexy curls!!!

    1. Thanks sis, the hair color, I still have it, the sexy curls! Di ko na maulit! hahaha

  2. There really is nothing like the perfect hair color. Ash brown really is great. I use it often too.

    1. I agree, if you found the perfect shade, go for it!

  3. I envied girls who can make their hair Ashy without the bleach mine always turns Reddish whenever I colored it :(

    1. If you don't mind me suggesting, try Revlon's ash brown for diy hair color. It doesn't have red undertones.

    2. Nice suggestion, I love Revlon!


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