Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Salon Review: Vivere Salon, Robinsons Place Manila

When was the last time I visited a salon?
I can't seem to remember!  My hair length as of the moment is probably the longest I've had for the past 10 years.  Not a choice by the way!  But it is because for the fact that I don't have time to pamper myself!

On weekdays, I'm doing my Consultant job in an Executive Search firm, in between hours I attend events and meet up with clients for meetings.  On a weekend, I'm usually out for a workshop or off prettifying someone.  On Sundays, that's a family day, as much as possible I free it up to visit my family so that (kinda) is the summary of how my life is since I became a mom!

Again, not complaining there!  But my hair probably is!

Vivere Salon recently invited me for an event but I can't seem to pry myself away from my son on that day because no one will look after him!  Thankfully, the Vivere Salon team are nice enough to give me a Saturday Slot at the branch of my choice!  I chose Robinsons Manila because that is nearer to where I live.

Just a bit of background, visiting Vivere Salon is not a first for me.  When they opened their branch at Robinsons Ermita, I am proud to announce that I am one of the first few customers who actually took a peak and went in to try their haircut service!  I remembered fidgeting in my seat because the place was really bright and no one was there except me!  I used to dislike the fact that people walking around the mall can see me with disheveled wet hair!  (Anyone can relate?) 

So last Saturday, going back to a crowded Vivere Salon made me smile!  Business is growing and business is good!  I am not surprised as their staffs are highly professional and I'm not saying it because they invited me to be there, I've paid for my Vivere Salon services several times in the past and has always been satisfied!  It's just the Blogger in me that wants to try different salons for the sake of review! 

Like I said, the place was crowded but thankfully, I made an advance reservations so I was seated at the corner!  (whew!)  I was offered magazines and an ice cold iced tea which was perfect as the heat outside was crazy!

Say hi to my long regrowth and messy hair!

I had the chance to have a quick chat with their Senior Stylist Leo and I told him the color I want!  Yes, I went to my usual Light Ash Brown color because I think that would be the easiest!  I am actually timing myself to be home in 2 hours less!  Leo agreed that shade would work well on my skin so off they work with Gerna! 

I asked Leo the brand of hair color he used on my hair and I was told the salon uses Schwarzkopf products.  That's 10 minutes of "cooking" :D

As much as I don't want to share this photo, I may as well do so because I've had an amazing head massage from Gerna!  After this photo was taken my eyes were shut for a good 5 minutes and I actually wished the hair wash would go on forever!

Can you see the color?  I love my refreshed hair color and Leo gave me a quick cut!  I advised him how I like to have some layers yet not too high because I still want to tie my hair in a ponytail when I turn mommy again!

(Sorry for the blurry photo, the lady who took this photo must be really tired from all the incoming customers and I didn't get to check the photo!)

But yeah, Vivere Salon did all the instructions I told them and MORE!  I am very happy with my hair color and cut!

And before I took off, I checked the ongoing promotions and here's what YOU may be interested in!

Not bad right?  So visit any Vivere Salon near you!
The only downside about my experience?  Well, the fact that the salon is quite known now so they are mostly crowded during weekends!  If you prefer quiet, "me time" you may not have it with constant flow of customers!  But overall?  I don't mind because I'm in a hurry anyways! :D

For more information, visit

How do you like my hair color?
Do you have any other hair color suggestions you think would work for me?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Love your refreshed 'do and color! Having our hair groomed really makes us feel better inside and out, don't you agree? :)

    1. thanks and I agree, grabe, I feel so "bigat" when i didn't have my hair refreshed and cut!

  2. havent heard about vivere salon but ive been in vivere hotel =)

    1. hahah natawa ako dun! well it's time you heard about the salon na, they've been around for quite some time :D

    2. hehe vivere hotel is located in alabang tapos meron silang ka-tie up na beach sa batangas =) i want to sneak in sa vivere salon (i really thought it was located sa mismong hotel hahaha -- my bad)

  3. Hi can I ask how much ang hair color and haircut sa kanila? Totally love your hair. :)

    1. depends on how long and how thick, you have to check sa reception :D


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