Thursday, April 30, 2015

AMW Reviews: HD Mascara by Browhaus

What is an HD mascara?
And are you surprised there is such product?

Well, YES!  And it is from Browhaus!  I recently got to try HD Mascara By Browhaus and I didn't expect much from it!  Seriously, Browhaus is like THE master of brows but I would understand if their mascara is "meh".  But they aren't! 

HD Mascara by Browhaus review

HD Mascara by BrowHaus

HD Mascara by BrowHaus  says ---
Waterproof, clump free and 24 hours long holding power.

AMW says ---
  • Waterproof
  • Clump-free
  • Defines my lashes and lengthens them.
  • Safe for sensitive eyes even for pregnant users.
  • Holds the curl for the whole day.
  • Once the mascara is set, it never transfer or smudge.
  • The texture of the mascara is just right, not too dry or runny.

  • If you have monolid or you have puffy lids, the brush could be a bit big and may transfer some of the mascara on your eyelid.
  • Price.
  • Can be easily removed with a good eye makeup remover.  If you don't use any eye make up remover, you won't be able to remove all traces of mascara which is bad for your eyes by the way!
A good lengthening mascara that can give a good definition to your eyes.  It can double the length of your lashes but it does not create extreme volume.  This mascara can last the whole day or 2 or until removal!

  • If you have small eyes or puffy eyelid, gently pull up your lid when you apply mascara to prevent smudging mascara onto the lid.
  • Always start by applying mascara from the roots to the tips. 
  • For this particular mascara from Browhaus, 2-3 coats are enough for good length and definition.
  • If you are a professional make up artist and plan to use this mascara on several clients, invest on disposable mascara wands!

    Will I repurchase?

    To whom do I recommend this to?
    Users with already thick lashes who needed the extra volume!

    Where to purchase and how much?

    Available at Browhaus branches (Serendra, Greenbelt 5, Lucky Chinatown, SM Mega Fashion Hall, and Abreeza Davao) priced at Php998.00 (approx $22.68)

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    Though it is plain black tube, I really like the simple description that is straightforward and really what you will get from this mascara --- Clump-free, Curl-Up and Waterproof (SO TRUE!)

    The brush that isn't curved, just straight which makes it a bit challenging for users with small eyes.
    But with practice, no mascara is too difficult for us!

    An example of smudging your eyelid!
    Don't fret, just dip your cotton bud with water based makeup remover and it will be gone in an instant!

    Before and After 
    As you can see, my lashes are definitely longer-looking and it gives my eyes more definition.  My lashes look really dark!
    HD Mascara by Browhaus before and after

    Side View, the curl stays that way until removal.
    See the amazing length?
    HD Mascara by Browhaus before and after

    Looking up, you can see how defined each of my lash hairs are and it may not promise any "thicker lashes" effect but my lashes indeed look a tad bit thicker, not too much but the length is just amazing I can forget volume!
    HD Mascara by Browhaus before and after use

    How do you find the HD Mascara by Browhaus?
    Would you give this brand a try?

    If you have extremely sensitive eyes and can't seem to wear any inexpensive mascaras, you may want to invest on this as give this a try!
    Keep smilin'
    Stay happy!


    1. wow i love the lengthening effect here ms nikki! but bit expensive for my liking =(

    2. True, I think it's a really good mascara but wayy too expensive for a mascara that I usually finish within a few months. I still go for they're real for highend

      1. thanks for your comment Franco! :) pero if it works, I wouldn't mind spending, parang I used to buy yung almost 1k din na mascara from Etude House, it really really works kasi! kaya sulit

    3. Hi Nikki! Just want to ask what brand of make up remover ang ginamit mo to remove this? I have tried biore but it doesn't work for me. :) thanks!


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