Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nature Essentials Lift and Plump Lip and Cheek Mousse Review + How To Use

When I was asked to review Nature Essential's Lift and Plump Lip and Cheek Mousse, I immediately declined, why?  Seriously, ME?  Lip Plumping?  Do I want to look like a head of lips walking on streets? (Brand sounds familiar?  Check out my review on Nature Essentials Pure Natural Beauty Organic Hydrating Matte Lipsticks)

Brushing aside the fact that Angelina Jolie Lips is a huge hit, she doesn't have dry and extremely cracked lips like I do..she's sexy!  Mine is..uhm...never mind!

So I literally pushed these 2 products aside when this was sent to me!  But because I was addicted to "SnapChatting", I've decided to play around with these 2 applying and sharing my initial thoughts!  Lo and Behold..I guess these 2 are worth mentioning because aside from the fact that they are organic, well, I'm sure a lot of you may be interested to learn how I feel about the Lip and Cheek Mousse and if it does create "plumper" lips for me and maybe..for YOU.

Top: Loving You
Bottom: Tender Love

The packaging still has the unique "Nature Essentials" packaging which is a bamboo-like cap!  The rest of the packaging look and felt like a "test tube glass" but after "clicking" the packaging with my fingers for a couple of times, it felt like plastic but I could be wrong!

Shade: Tender Love
Tender Love is a hot pink shade that would work well on users with fair to medium skin.  Obviously, darker complexion can still use this but I personally think this shade would compliment the fairer complexions more!

Application on Cheeks
Tender Love shade
For the sake of photography, I applied a really good amount on cheeks but in person, it looks too pink and "clownish".  It is highly recommended to apply only a small dot on one cheek and work FAST!  When I capitalized the word FAST I mean REALLY FAST!  The texture is mousse-y but it dries up extremely fast!  Some may like to apply this with a brush but I prefer to use my fingers because the warmth can help the product blend better.

The effect?  Matte hot pink shade that would look great for younger audience.

As for the lips, I like to apply directly using the doe-foot applicator.  The product applies smoothly on my lips and it spreads thinly yet pigmentation is 2 thumbs up!

AMW Wore Tender Love on Cheeks and Lips

Shade: Loving You
Loving You on the other hand is a reddish orange shade that looks extremely scary on tube but works really well especially on users with warmer complexion.  It is a cool-tone bluish red.

Loving You Shade 
Same as Tender Love, application on cheeks need to be extremely quick and a dot goes a long way!

Application on Lips

AMW Wore Loving You on Cheeks and Lips

Overall, I find the Nature Essentials Lift and Plump Lip and Cheek Mousse Review to be more effective when used on lips rather than cheeks!  Maybe, it is because for the fact that I have dry skin so spreading the product could be a pain especially on colder season.  It is recommended to apply a layer of powder foundation on top to lessen pigmentation and prevent the "clownish" look.

As for the product used on lips, I like how it lasts longer than regular lipstick and does not stain the mug when you drink.  It could be drying though on dry lips so constant lip balm application is needed between the day!  (Keep in mind that constant lip balm application may slide off some of the pigment thus the product won't be as long lasting as worn alone)

Now on to the plumping effect, most lip plumper has this "minty" or "stinging" feel, not with this one!  It felt just like regular lip mousse and my lips didn't look plumper or fuller!  It must be because my lips are on its maximum plump stage *lol*  but seriously speaking, the plump effect maybe on the superficial side.  It may come off as a  matte lipstick BUT it has a bit of dimension as seen on photo. (check out the glowing effect at the center of my lips)

Now on to the product itself, I love the fact that these are free from Parben, Sulphate, Lead, Mercury and other harmful chemicals present in other lip products.  I have to let you guys know though that these take A-FFORT to remove!!!  Seriously, the swatch I did took a whole day of bathing, scrubbing and makeup removing!  I can still see a small stain 2 days after!

Priced at Php550.00 (approx $12.50).  Available online on Facebook
and please follow them on IG @NatureEssentials

So, are you Team Tender Love (left pic) or Team Loving You (right pic)?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Loving you suits you Ms. Nikki though I am not a fan of lip products that is hard to remove hehehe:D

  2. Team Loving You mas bagay yung shade ng lips and cheek unlike sa Team Tender love(sorry) but like you said its look like "clownish" look

    1. lol no need to say sorry pinapili ko naman kayo! and I agree, it's too pink n person for my skin tone

  3. Loving you suits you best..I have these also. Sa pagaapply naman sa cheeks, hindi ko sya dinidirect sa cheeks kasi nung first time naiwan ung dots then after sa finger ko n lng nilalagay then spread ko na sa cheeks haha

    1. lol on dots! hahaha I agree, better nga to blend using fingers ! :D


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