Monday, January 25, 2016

Blooming Face Make Up Using Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

If you are a beauty junkie like me, you've probably seen the "toothbrush-like" face brush that originally came from MAC Masterclass Oval Face Brush no. 6 and other brands are coming up with their own!  This is my first Oval Face Brush so I won't be able to compare this with other brands (for now) but let me share my overall experience and if YOU need this in your life.

A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

For this particular blog post, I took the opportunity to test drive my newest BB Cream from Proud Mary.  See the result!

Yes, we probably need both in our life if you have the same skin tone as I do!  Or if you are a bit fairer than me, the better!
A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

Let's talk about Proud BB Cream Touch & Beauty first!  According to the website where I got this ( priced at Php1,007.16) ---
  •  Improves Wrinkles
  • Brightenings skin
  • Protects skin from UVA and UVB Light weight, buildable coverage!
  • In 2 shades to suit different skin tones (Shade 21 and 23)
 For review, I received shade 23 which is an almost perfect match for me!

A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

Swatch: No 23
I believe shade 21 is lighter so this shade is just right for me with it's warm undertone.  The consistency of this BB Cream is quite runny (which is quite unusual as most BB creams are thicker in consistency).  With this type of texture, it is the perfect excuse for me to use a brush in application (as most of the time, I use my fingers with BB creams)

The coverage is light to medium light, I find this can cover up certain redness, pimple marks and under eye darkness.  It gives a silky coverage and this product is highly moisturizing so this would work best on users with normal and dry skin.  Oily skinned users may still use this as this product doesn't add in oiliness instead, it gives a "healthy skin" glow and can be lessen with the help of powder foundation.

Proud Mary Touch and Beauty BB Cream is waterproof and sweatproof.  I tested this during a long walk at Fort Bonifacio and my base makeup remain intact, I only need to dab some of the sweat and oil from my T-zone area and my skin is good to go!

Now Proud Mary Touch and Beauty BB Cream is a BB Cream that works so well even on dry and dehydrated skin!  I mostly recommend CC creams for this skin type but I'm glad how this product protects the skin's natural moisture so this earns my thumbs up!
A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

Now on to the most coveted Oval Brush (I don't care from which brand because I really wanted to see if this brush is useful or not!) 

This brush reminds me so much of a toothbrush (a bigger version). I know the shape doesn't even come close to a toothbrush but I can't help but do that comparison on top of my head.

The brush comes with densely packed synthetic bristles.  On photos, they look extremely soft and don't be fooled!  This is even softer in person and I can't help but feel so relaxed everytime I use this!  

It comes with a sturdy handle that I originally thought will take me some time to get use to it but surprisingly?  Using this brush felt like using a toothbrush!  It is almost natural for me to hold this and I like how sturdy yet flexible the handle is so I can easily move around the brush to every corner of my face!

A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

This brush works for creams, liquids and even powdered make up products! 

As for application, I like to apply a bit of the liquid foundation, BB/CC creams or tinted moisturizer at the back of my hand and gently rock the brush back and forth for even distribution.
A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

As for application, I always like to start at the center of my face where coverage is most needed with slow circular motion.  (Tip: If you need heavier coverage, do the dabbing motion instead)  Without adding more product, I use the remaining product and slowly go up to my forehead and the rest of the face where coverage is least needed.
A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

Adding more product that's left at the back of your hand, gently dab using the "tip of the oval" the sides of the nose to lessen redness and blend out everything evenly to remove any demarcation mark!
A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

The Purple Tags Oval Brush is easy to work with, feel free to slant it in different angle and dab more product on the undereye area (You may use foundation or concealer at this stage).  

I also use the same brush to set everything with powder foundation!  I don't even need to wash or clean my brush in between, it just surprisingly works!

A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

Half Face Test
Purple Tags Oval Brush is a perfect brush to give a natural, airbrushed and flawless finish.  The foundation applied is seamless and even works on dry skin!

As for Proud Mary BB Cream, shade 23 maybe a tad bit lighter than my skin tone but I like the "glow" it gives and I can easily adjust it by applying darker foundation shade all over!

A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

Proud Mary BB Cream and Purple Tags Oval Brush is available at  Some Purple Tags products are also available at at 20% off!  I can't seem to see the Oval Brush anymore but let's wait for them to stock up again!

A photo of Purple Tags Oval Brush and Proud Mary BB Cream

Have you heard about Proud Mary brand?  Do you like the effect of their BB Cream on me?
Have you tried Oval Face Brush?  Any other brands you would like me to try?

I heard Etude House Philippines have their version and is always out of stock!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Snoe has that brush too though, I think slightly smaller.

    1. I believe other brands are catching up, Etude House has one, same with Nippon!

  2. useful brush! Looks funny though because it kinda really look like a toothbrush minus the bristles ;)

  3. Did you use a primer before applying this? And for the sweatproof/waterproof test, what primer and powder did you use? Coz even if I use powder foundation or loose powder this breaks-up and separates on my face when I sweat! :(((

    1. No , whenever I do reviews, I just use the product that I review :)
      Anyways, I seldom use primers din naman (unless I'm reviewing them) But that is a suggestion for oily skin to use primers (that they usually use) . As for Powder, I did not use powder in this particular photo but if I want to set it, I either use the Body Shop Powder foundation or just set with Ellena Loose Mineral powder :D


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