Friday, March 11, 2016

AMW Workshop Series 1: Get Ready For Summer Report

AMW Workshop Series --- has always been a dream of mine for the past 5 years!  Yes, FIVE Freaking Years!  It was always written on my "wishlist" whenever I have a new planner and I guess, the best of "Scaredy-cat ME" always wins!

For me to finally push it through, I've created an evil plan, a plan to counteract my fear and shyness (yes guys, I'm shy in real life! Well seriously, shy in terms of marketing myself)  I've decided to announce to all my good friends by December on my "Workshop Plans".  As they say, the power to success to is CLAIM it!  And I did!  By blabbering about it at the same time, changing my blog template and included a WORKSHOP Category.  Knowing me, seeing it "blank" makes me feel uneasy!  So I know it will push me to the limit to be Pro-active about it, and it worked!

The day, March 5, 2016 finally happened!  And I couldn't be happier!  

AMW Workshop Series 1: Get Ready For Summer
Class Picture

Of course, this won't be possible without the help of my dear sponsors!  And yes, they are all printed in my first AMW Workshops Bag (Thanks to my dear sister-in-law Grace @Archaic_Era for helping me out with this giveaway tote!)

From the bottom of my heart, you guys know who you are!!!

With the help of my sponsors, they made sure all my attendees are spoiled!  Really spoiled!  Each attendee gets to take home products worth more than Php10,000! 

Photo taken from one of the attendee!  Thanks Vernalyn!
Yes, EACH attendee took home all these!

The event was held at San Francisco Coffee Company (IG: @SanCoCo95).  Thanks Mr. Robert Francisco for closing the venue for me and my guests!

He was also gracious enough to permit me to bring in food!
More food = FULL and happy attendees!

Registration starts at 1:30pm and everyone came in on time!  I am so happy to know they are as excited to learn about skincare and makeup as much as I love to meet them.

The registration booth was manned by my gorgeous sister-in-law Grace!

I want to thank Nippon Esthetics for the "makeup tools" for each attendee and for lending me mirrors for each attendees to use!

Of course, I had to take my cup of happiness!  Have you tried SanCoco's NADER?  They are one of the most unique way to enjoy your coffee!

Each attendee has a ticket to coffee happiness!  Well of course, if they are non-coffee drinkers, they can always opt for juices!  I think one of the bestseller Tornado "Nader" is the Grapefruit drink!

The place is perfect for small to medium group workshops because they have an in-house projector!

The event started with attendees holding an empty reusable bag that was printed specially for this workshop.

Then I shared some techniques on how to hold a brush or how a good brush set is a great investment when you are into makeup.

The attendees were stripped down to "no makeup" at all!  As we started on skincare, each attendee were given a surprise!  A bag-ful of skincare and lip products from Burt's Bees Philippines!

Then we went ahead to discuss about sun care.  That's my focus for this workshop: Get Ready For Summer and I knew I had to highlight on how to use sunscreens and understanding SPF and other things you see printed on your sunscreen bottle!

Watsons Philippines were kind enough to give each attendee sun care products.

Then the makeup workshop started with me discussing the difference of BB creams and CC Creams, the importance of Primers and went ahead with makeup techniques.

The attendees were each handed loots from Etude House and Tony Moly.  Included in the loot are samples of CC creams, suncare, skincare products at the same time, full size Eyeliner and eyeshadow!

I also focused on concealing techniques and each attendee were given a full size tube of K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer.  The shade they got are perfect to hide their undereye circles!

With the help of Benefit They're Real Beyond Mascara and Roller Lash, I've demonstrated the right way to curl lashes and apply mascara.

Of course what's a workshop without them trying out their newly acquired skincare and makeup goodies?  What I love about this group is how excited and interactive they are.  They react quite often and ask questions almost immediately!  This photo made my heart burst!  Everyone's so excited trying out the products they got and techniques they learned.

I also included a bit of contouring techniques and closed the makeup workshop with lip product application.

And just when they thought everything is over by 5:00pm!  We were having so much fun we lost track of time!

I mentioned during registration on the first 10 registrants getting a surprise gift from one of the sponsors.  And it was perfect day for us to finally reveal the winners --- top 10 registrants each get Php1,000 Watsons GC!

Congratulations to Watsons Php1,000 GC winners!

Then my good friend Sydney from Nippon Esthetics and Bohk Toh threw in more surprises for the guests!  4 winners get to take home Bohk Toh lashes!  All 15 of my attendees are NOT false lashes wearers so the brand is perfect for them to start with!  The lashes are extremely soft and lightweight I even use these for all my brides!

Congratulations to the winners!

My ever supportive friends from Benefit Cosmetics Philippines threw in 4 Brow Kits!  Each winner get a box of --- 1 gift cert for Brow Wax Service, a full size Gimme Brow and A sample size of They're Real Mascara.

Beauty and Minerals' also threw in a box of PREMIUM Brush Duo from Soffia!  The lucky winner was all smile with her new black and gold face brushes!

And I was joking, if you can't get your eye makeup to be right!  Smile, relax and cover it with a good pair of sunglasses!  Fly Shades gave EACH attendee a pair of sunglasses just in time for summer!  I didn't want to randomly give them sunglasses they can't wear!  So we've decided to make it fun!  (What's an AMW Workshop without the fun?)  With all the sunglasses lined up, I have each attendee line up and count from 1-5 for them to quickly pick the glasses they want!  Look how fun was that?  Or am I the only one enjoying this?

Thanks Fly Shades for the support!

And that's us wearing our choice of glasses!

Don't we all look amazing?

And what's summer without a cool-looking polish?  With the help of my good friend Janina of GirlStuff and Solique polish, each attendee gets to take home ME!  :P  In polish form!  They get to take home AskMeWhats Polish + my favorite quick dry top coat and nail stickers!  If you are a long-time AMW reader, you know how much I'm into nail art and without a super kulit na toddler, I'm probably still doing it until this very moment.

During the workshop, my good friends (that I met through Blogging) May Samson, Brand Manager of Burt's Bees and Kara Santiago, Account Manager of Spark It! were there to give me encouraging smiles and support!  I love you girls!

And of course, this event won't be possible without my loyal TEAM AMW!  I'm so lucky to have my family as part of the team!  Seriously, will they even resign?  Of course they can't!  They are stuck with me --- no choice!

To all the guests, attendees and readers who plan to join but didn't get to the top 15 slots, fret not!  I'll create more AMW Workshops soon! 

Thanks again to all the sponsors!  I love you all! *bows*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I hope to join you in your next workshop so I could learn more about make-up that could help me in my career as I meet clients everyday. - Judy

    1. there will be more coming up! Watch out lang

  2. I hope to join you in your next workshop so I could learn more about make-up that could help me in my career as I meet clients everyday.

  3. i will attend your next workshop ms nikki =) and will tag my younger sister as well hihi congrats on your first ever! more to come!

  4. So happy for you kahit bitter ako na di ako naka attend (lamo yan!) haha!!! Congratulations!!!

    1. alam ko yan pero uy! may utang pa ako sayo!

  5. Congrat's ms. Nikki for the successful workshop hopefully in your next workshop makaattend na ko pagiipunan ko to promise !!! Ahahaha... Lol :D

  6. Congrats achi Nikki. I'm still your silent supporter here. I always read your blog still. I will attend your next workshop. :) you always look happy and smiling both here in your blog and in real life. Hindi nga makita yung stress and less-than-five-hours-sleep sa aura mo! :)

    1. Awww thanks Starrie, I wish to meet you!!!! :D Makeup lang yan btw :P

  7. I love these pictures,and thanks for your sharing

  8. Promise I will attend your nest workshop!

    1. Please do! You've attended na sa Benefit di ba? This is hands on version naman

  9. It was just recently that I had time to do blog hopping. I was looking for tips on how to do dome eye make-up and I landed on your website! OMG! I became an instant fan of yours! You are the best! I hope to attend your next workshop. God bless and keep on inspiring!

    1. Aww thanks SJ! Please keep on reading and so happy to read your comment

  10. Looking forward on your next amwworkshopseries :-) some of my friends are excited to attend your next event! keep in touch friend:-)

    1. yay! mags!!! thanks for coming on my first ever! (Super special to me)

  11. I hope to attend your next session. Pls let me know how much will it costs para mapag ipunan na. I love reading your blog everyday.

  12. I'd like to attend in your next session. Pls tell me how much will it costs. So i can save up. Love reading your blog everyday

  13. I'd like to attend in your next session. Pls tell me how much will it costs. So i can save up. Love reading your blog everyday

  14. I hope to attend your next session. Pls let me know how much will it costs para mapag ipunan na. I love reading your blog everyday.


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