Friday, March 25, 2016

AskMeMom: In Sickness and In Good Health

I always strive to do my best in EVERYTHING I do.  But let me open up a bit about myself --- I am in no way perfect!  Reread all my previous blog posts, you'll see grammar mistakes.  Check out my room, it's all messy!  Now let's not talk about my cooking skills, I never measure so it's always trial and error (Spaghetti today tastes exceptional, ask me to repeat it?  I can't!)  

Some of you may not know this side of me, but I'm actually The Queen of Mistakes!  It's alright though, because I have short-term memory so I guess the best way for me to remember something is to let me fall flat on my face!  

Now, let's talk about me being an "AskMeMom", just how I normally go through my life, that's how I face motherhood, I'm quite a chill one for someone who's a first-time mom!  I remembered not worrying much about him when I took him with me to the US for a press launch.  He was tripping on toys, holding on random poles at DisneySea, I let him long as he has adult supervision (Us!)

BUT, just like any super hero, there will always be a weakness --- when Kyle gets sick!  I knew deep in my heart there's no time to joke around, that there is no time to make mistakes!

Whether Kyle gets cough, colds, excessive vomiting or viral infection, he always ends up having a FEVER.

I remembered calling my close friend every time something like this happen and she would always recommend me to give him Paracetamol to lower down the temperature and to make sure he feels better.

But of course, I always make sure to visit our Pediatrician to choose the right medicine for my son.  Because as I said on the earlier statement --- when it comes to my son, I make sure there will be NO MISTAKE!  Especially with choosing the brand of medicine and dosage!

Now Kyle has always been loyal to his Paracetamol brand during his earlier years.  But once he reached toddler years, I realized the brand we always use isn't working anymore!  Thankfully, our Pediatrician was able to recommend a new Paracetamol brand that has the lowest rate of side effects among other over-the-counter pain and fever medicines.  

The last fever that reached 40 degrees celsius, Kyle took Calpol and his temperature immediately dropped!  No wonder my friends have been highly recommending this brand!  I just don't want to make mistakes and heed advice from the Doctor before giving the same brand to Kyle! 

So today, we always have extra bottles at home and we always bring it inside his bag too!

What is your brand of paracetamol for your babies or kids?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I can't understand your feeling for now Ms. Nikki at least I can understand my Mom :D


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