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Slendertone Women's Face Toner Review

Last year, I got my own Slendertone Women's Face Toner beauty gadget from the local distributor and I immediately tested it out.  Thankfully, they were not in a rush for review as I did tell them how much time it will take to review such product.

For the first month, I wasn't that consistent in usage so I stopped and rested and waited for the month after to review the product again.  It was the month of October 2015 where I consistently use it (twice a week to thrice a week).  And finally, after almost 5 months, I'm ready to reveal my thoughts on this product!  With photos to prove!

a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

The box comes with a rechargeable hand-held control unit and and a portable head set with a pack of self-adhesive.

a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

Slendertone Face Says ---
Slendertone Face uses electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) to send pulses to the facial muscles to activate the body’s natural muscle movement. Slendertone recommends a 12 weeks rejuvenation programme. After each session there will be an immediate effect of radiance to your skin from the increased blood flow. After two weeks, you will start noticing a difference in your skin condition and complexion and a gentle lifting effect after six weeks. The remaining six weeks completes the full exercise programme where muscle plumpness increases.

a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

AMW says ---

  • Nifty-looking gadget.  The color silver/white is really nice to look at.
  • Very easy to use!
  • Skin feels tighter after 2 months of usage.
  • Complexion looks better even if there are days I don't follow up with my skin care regimen.
  • Skin redness lessened. 
  • Price.
  • Result could take time so it will dampen the spirits of some who wants IMMEDIATE results!
  • Breakouts "may" occur on the first month of usage.  This happened to me and the only "new" think injected in my regimen is the Slendertone Face. 
  • To those expecting to loose facial fats, well, this isn't a slimming device!  It tones the skin thus making the face looks slimmer.

An effective gadget that takes time and effort.  Consistency is the key and it helps to sleep early, drink lots of water and use the right skincare products.

  • Self-adhesive must always be positioned on both sides of the headset prior to usage.
  • 10 minutes use for "Radiance" Mode.  
  • 20 minutes for "Lift" Mode.
  • Aside from the 2 function, you can also use this as a "massage".  The massage function happens when you do Radiance or Lift mode.
  • Recommended maximum minutes is 20!  Do not go beyond that.
  • For full rejuvenation effect, 5 x a week is recommended but for starter, you may start once a week and increase number of times as you go on.
  • Do not panic once you see some breakouts after using this product, I continued using the gadget and it was gone after a week and skin looks better. 
  • Make sure to use this gadget with dry skin.  Best after facial wash then Slendertone.
  • I personally like to continue with toner or moisturizer after Slendertone.  But most of the time, I was too sleepy to stand up.  
  • Press on/off button to turn on and off the gadget.
  • Choose desired program by pressing P.  + means increase intensity and - means decrease.  It is best to start at 15 increasing intensity slowly. 
  • The most comfortable intensity is that, you should feel something but nothing painful.
Will I repurchase?
I hope not!  So far, one is enough if you take care of it.  Just replace the pads.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Users who are willing to shell out money for facials.  You can invest on this.

Where to purchase and how much?
Slendertone Face retails for Php19,990.00 and comes with a 6 pairs of face pads. Slendertone face pads of 6 is available for Php1,990.00.

Available at the ff stores: SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall Building A, SM North Edsa Annex Building, Trinoma, Robinsons Ermita, ROX Bonifacio High Street, ROX Ayala Cebu, ROX Camp John Hay Baguio, ROX Centrio,  ROX Marquee Mall, ROX Bacolod, The Travel Club Glorietta, The Travel Club Rockwell, The Travel Club Greenbelt, The Travel Club Alabang Town Center, The Travel Club Abreeza Davao, The Travel Club Newport, The Travel Club Shangri-la, The Travel Club Shangri-la Mactan, The Travel Club Trinoma, The Travel Club Viramall, Flight001 Bonifacio High Street and Flight001 Shangri-la

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Slendertone Face Package, comes with ---

a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner
  1. Slendertone Face Headset
  2. Control unit
  3. 6 pairs of adhesive gel pads
  4. 3 x 1.5v (LR03/AAA) Batteries
  5. Instruction Manual
  6. Quick Start Guide
 Be careful when you put the headset, it always starts from the back of the neck and gently pull both sides apart.
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

Always check that batteries are in good condition for better results.
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

Pads should be changed often.  I change mine around 2-3 weeks.  Depending on how dirty the gel pads turn out to be.
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

Always remember to keep the cover so you can put it back after every use.
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

Do not use this when you are inside the bathtub for safety purpose.
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

The battery compartment is easy to open.
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

 To connect unit to headset...
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

Just attach it like what I did on photo.
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

Gadget is ready for use. The paddles should lie approximately 1cm in front of each ear.  The headband should be placed like how I've shown on photo below.
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

Once you are comfortable, sit back and turn on the gadget.

a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

20 minutes for LIFT!
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

Now, after more than 4 months of usage.  I'm ready to share the before and after photos below.  NOTE:  Lighting could've changed, and there could be cases where I really breakout more.  Just to let you know, as compared to 2015, my schedule is busier and I sleep less this year!  Kyle got sick 3x this year too so that means lesser sleep for me.

Before and After
My skin looks less sallow and more radiant as compared to before photos.
My redness around the nose were reduced, I can't vouch about the breakouts, as it could be a bad week for me when the before photo was taken.

a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

Before and After EYES
Can you see how puffiness around the eye area was reduced?  At the same time, the line was blurred out.  NOTE: NO MAKEUP ON!

a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

A closer look on my chin.
I definitely did not lose weight (I felt I actually gained!)  But my chin looks more define and uplift!  
a photo of Slendertone Women's Face Toner

As for the anti-aging part, I would love to keep using this gadget and see if this will help "slower" my aging process!  Thankfully, this gadget is comfortable enough for me to doze off!

How do you feel about investing gadgets like this?
I recently supplement my Slendertone with an extra Facial Masks routine on days I don't use the gadget!  I feel it does help improve the condition of my skin even more!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I need this. I am petite but my face is kinda cheeky.

  2. Amazing this works on you I hope it could work on anybody ;)


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