Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prints Made Pretty Glisten Up Strobing KIT Review

So Happy Skin and leading clothing brand Plains & Prints collaborated for a limited edition KIT!  I got my hands on the kit and was able to use it on my face in less than 3 minutes!

Highlighter all over face and Blush on cheeks and lips!
The blush stick isn't meant for lips but I just want to maximize each product usage and so far, I'm loving the look!

The KIT is packaged like this!  Very fashion-forward. 
Php1,299.00 (approx $29.00) available HERE

Inside, you have a Strobing Cheat Sheet, because girlfriends!  Strobing is definitely the "in" thing in makeup nowadays!

According to Happy Skin ---
Let your best features sparkle and shine! Strobing is a technique that allows you to achieve the perfect shimmery, dewy, and youthful glow. This Glisten Up! Strobing Kit equips you with a set of two smooth, lightweight, and sheer but blendable cheek sticks. Bring out killer cheekbones with Champagne and Taupe, a universal highlighter and contour stick that complements all skin tones. Complement this with Pink Satin on the cheeks, a glorious flush of color with a gentle sparkle.
 I believe they offer 2 kits, one with Highlight and Contour while the other is Highlight with Blush, I got the latter.

 I love reading product description from box and learned that the cheek stick is infused with Grapefruit Extract—the same star ingredient in Happy Skin’s bestselling ZZ Cream.

Now let me talk about the Highlighter Cheek Stick and Blush Cheek Stick.  Both of them are creamy and easy to apply, they come in a chubby stick form so it easily covers large area in one application and I like how I can easily tote this around wherever I go.

L- Highlighter Cheek Stick
R- Blush Cheek Stick

The highlighter cheek stick is a champagne color with an obvious sheen when applied on skin.  The Blush Cheek Stick on the other hand is a satin pink colored blush than can be applied with light hand for a super natural flush or heavy hand for better oomph!

Highlighter Cheek Stick Application
I like to apply this directly on top of a clear base (post liquid foundation, pre-powder foundation application).   Application starts at the cheekbones and nose bridge and leave it that way if I prefer natural glow.

If I want to "up" my highlighting game, I'll go ahead with highlighting my cupid's bow and chin.  Blend everything for a seamless and natural finish.

As for the blush, I prefer to apply from the apples of my cheeks and gently blend out with quick dabbing motion using my clean fingers.

And like I said, we can always go further by using the same blush stick as lipstick!

And like I said, since this is a stick, it is very easy to re-apply midday even on top of made-up face!  

The Happy Skin x Plains & Prints Prints Made Pretty Glisten Up Strobing KIT is a very easy-to-use highlighter and blush color.  I like how I can easily brighten up my look anytime of the day without needing extra brush or sponge!

Have you tried the Strobing KIT from Happy Skin?
Will you purchase this after seeing this post?

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  1. You look glowing but in the subtle way. This kit is very beginner friendly (and that includes ME;))

  2. The effect is very youthful and fresh. I need that for stressed days!

  3. I like the highlighter! I'd have wanted it less pink but still pretty nonetheless.

  4. I wanted to like this so bad, but the frost(?) on the highlighter would make me look like a greased cookie pan. Oh well.

    1. hahah I don't think so naman, just apply strategically


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