Saturday, April 9, 2016

Doing the Things I Love To Do! #ChangingLives

So it's been a while since I posted something personal.  The last one was "How To Deal With Mommy Burnout"

Firstly, THANK YOU for being so nice about my sentiments as a mom!  I know all of us have different ways in dealing with motherhood stress ---  "To each their own!"  as they say.  As for me, I'm so thankful I've found ways to deal with it with flair!  Though I have been spending more than 50% of my time with my son, I make sure to set aside time to do the things that makes me happy! 

My Consultancy Job in an Executive Search Firm.  
Yes, I still have a day job!  Shocking to most of you but yes, I sit at least 4-5 hours in front of the computer everyday the moment my son wakes up!  I do a lot of phone interviews, research and emails!  I've been doing for a decade now and I'm so thankful my boss understood my needs to work from home so here I am!  Still alive and kicking!

My job as a Make Up Artist
Prettifying people?  Seeing their happy faces after the makeover is enough for me to feel like their "angel" even just for a day!

As a Corporate Trainer
It all started with me going around brands and companies doing makeup demos and trainings.  Then it grew into something bigger!  In God's grace, I've given the opportunity to work closely with companies sharing not only tips and tricks about skincare and makeup but I go as far as corporate training for sales and marketing!

As a Brand Consultant
Because being "creative" is part of my psyche, it isn't surprising to find myself helping out brands on the "creativity side" in handling events!  I am in no way an equivalent of an agency (for goodness' sake!  I can't be them!)  I am just ONE woman with Gazillion ideas!  It has to be thrown out somewhere and I'm glad there are brands and companies who willingly bring my ideas to life!

at the recent GirlStuff Rave Summer Launch

As A Blogger
Now, you guys know how much blogging has helped me!  I've gone through the toughest times and I welcome the wonderful distractions of blogging!  The endless description of makeup product, the swatches of various lipsticks, eye shadow shades and blushes can always divert my mood from bad to good!

And again, I've always been thankful on how Blogging gave me the chance to meet different people from all walks of life!  

Me as a Brand Ambassador
I'm so thankful with companies who choose ME to be a part of their family!  3 years ago, it was the best decision for me to sign up to be part of Smart Family!  I do not just get to experience what my Telecom company has to offer, I also get to share good news and money-saving plans to my readers whenever I get to attend their events!

And if you wonder how I can do all the things I mentioned above and still manage to attend events, to be hands-on with my son and look half decent?  I'm admitting today that... I get help!

I can easily log on and check out my emails when I'm out because of my Smart Internet Plan.  And how do I call my clients?  I call them using WeChat or Viber of if they are not online, it is easy for me to call them because anyone who uses SMART can call IDD without the need to request or apply.

Now, my favorite part to destress with the help of technology?  SNAPCHAT!!! (@AskMeWhats).  I'm addicted to Snapchat and I find it the best way to connect with my readers!  I get to share the first impressions on makeup and skincare ...

at the same time, share to them my stress when I'm stuck in traffic which made me feel better by the way after the Snaps!

Also love to Snap my cooking!  It is one of my biggest stress-buster!

  And of course, I also get to attend meetings even when I'm home taking care of my son!  I can do Viber calls, or Video calls with my clients!  Multi-tasking is definitely easier with technology around!  

So if you are still wondering how I can multi-task the way I do?  Well, I'm not really a SuperWoman, I'm just a woman who knows how to maximize the use of technology!

My internet at home and IDD phone line is PLDT and my handyphone service provider is Smart who also gives me good internet access when I'm out!  I'm so grateful I'm also part of Smart Family because I really use their services and they have helped made my personal and work life easier!

How about you?
How has a company changed your life?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to comment your questions, suggestions and just anything you may want to say! Keep smiling and stay happy!