Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekend Food Trip: BonChon K-Style Chicken

One of my favorite restaurant of-all-time is BONCHON (for the love of Chicken!)!  Unlike other fast food chains that only cater for kids, BonChon is actually perfect for the whole family!  From my parents, to us (husband and wife) down to my toddler Kyle! We definitely have our favorites and you can see it right in this photo!

Apart from our usual orders, I am so happy BonChon came up with even more dishes for more food choices!  Even if we dine in a couple of times a month, we don't seem to get tired from it!
New offerings to try ---

 Bibimbowl Beef

Bibimbowl Chicken

Crispy Shrimp Rice

Now of course, even with all the new offerings, I will always make sure to include my ultimate favorite!  The BonChon Chicken!  Thankfully, from the first time I took my first BonChon chicken bite at their first branch here in the Philippines, it still remains the K-Style Chicken way of cooking! 

Korean-Style chicken is not your usual fried chicken. Every bite oozes with a symphony of Korean-American flavors. Definitely deliciously different.
Now with a range of four different flavours, you can choose from Soy Garlic, Hot & Spicy, Honey Citrus and Crunchy Garlic. More reasons to toss out the need to add gravy or other condiments with our chicken!  (Imagine that extra calories?) 
So in EVERY BonChon restaurant visit, I wash my hands, sit back, relax and grab my favorite K-Style Chicken in my favorite Soy Garlic glaze, with bare hands, and forget about the judgmental looks I may get from people beside me!  Hey, this mom's gotta eat!

Drumstick and Thigh Rice Box
Comes with 1 choice of drink

Wings RiceBox
4pcs wings comes with a choice of drink
My favorite "don't judge-me-as-I-get-my-hands-diggin "  My ultimate favorite will always be the original --- Soy Garlic Style!  This is also Kyle's favorite too!

And just in case you haven't seen their newest commercial, let me share you this very unique, upbeat commercial that reminds me so much of how my "tummy" feels after EVERY BonChon Chicken meal!

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What's your favorite BonChon Chicken flavor?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love bonchon too! I love their chicken sandwich, bibimbowl, and blueberry yogurt. Also I noticed that their comfort room is always clean---not something I can say for most fast food chains.

  2. I love their bibimbowl but I hope they could serve it with seaweed soup ;)


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