Friday, April 22, 2016

Eureka Moment: My Pocket Doctor

I'm not sure about you but I don't have a family doctor that I can say: "I'm comfortable to give him/her a call or text anytime of the day!"  Even with Kyle's Pedia, I feel uncomfortable texting or calling them wee hours of the night (unless emergency situations).  

But you know how at times you wished you have your own "Doctor on call" without any judgement?  

Eureka Moment!

The doctor is always IN with MediCard's My Pocket Doctor and I'm so happy this service is finally available!  

a photo of My Pocket Doctor

MediCard, our leading health maintenance organization (HMO) provider, gives another option for us who needs time-saving and convenient options to get medical consultations anytime and anywhere!  Perfect for the millenials too! :D 

My Pocket Doctor is a game changer because with the advantage of modern technology, we can make medical consultations (for minor issues) without braving traffic and waiting in line!  (Goodness, I despise waiting in long lines!)

How to use My Pocket Doctor?  Easy ---
  • Register on My Pocket Doctor website ( or via the app through App Store or Google Play Store and wait for an activation link with username and password.
  • Users can also register via text by sending their email address and cellphone number to 29290DOCTOR (or 29290362867) and wait for a call from nurse to complete the one-time registration.
  • After registration, a nurse will call the member for assessment to schedule the consultation with one of the doctors.  A medical doctor will call the patient for check up and give prescriptions or instructions.
  • Video call via webcam can also be done during medical consultation for cases that need visual assessment such as skin rashes!
Thankfully, My POcket Doctor has highly competent, well-trained and unbiased medical doctors from Europe and Philippines.  It is best though that you seek for your family doctor (in person) for emergency cases.

MediCard My Pocket Doctor Card is for sale at Php450.00 at select MediCard free standing clinics.  Soon, this card will also be sold online through MediCard's online store.

Now, I'm looking forward to give this hi-tech service a try because I'm having skin rashes from allergies that need to be checked!

How do you like My Pocket Doctor?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. whoa thanks for sharing this my mom is sickly and from time to time. This sounds heaven for us who is always worried.

  2. Now I am so thankful that my child's pedia actually insists to be bothered when my kid has issues. It's a rare case for a doctor to go through that length for his patients. But this thing sure is helpful as most doctors aren't that accessible all the time.

    1. buti naman, mine kasi hindi kaya I need to change her :D


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