Friday, April 8, 2016

The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer Review

So who loves concealers?  I know I do!  That's one of my favorite step in makeup artistry because I get so challenged!  Especially when it comes to clients coming up to me worried about certain skin issues on their most special day!  I'd wish I could whip out my magic wand and say: "Let me do the magic!"  (But they'll probably find me weird and not hire me in the future!  lol)

So everyday, I try to practice, read and research about various concealing techniques!  So when I saw a Dual Concealer from The Face Shop, I make it a point to grab and test this out! 

A photo of The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

I picked this particular concealer when I was online shopping at Althea!  Thankfully, I got the perfect shade! 

shade N203 
It comes with 2 types of concealers --- stick and liquid.
The stick portion is supposed to cover spots and imperfections (spot correct) while the liquid concealer is meant to cover wide areas.
a photo of The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer/Corrector Says ---
  • Natural looking coverage with liquid moisture concealer.
  • Perfect finish with Cover Stick.
  • Hawaiian clay enriched with minerals to help coverage stay longer.

  • V107 Ivory Beige
  • V201 Apricot Beige
  • N203 Natural Beige
a photo of The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

AMW says ---

  • Packaging.
  • The stick concealer from shade N203 is a perfect shade to cover my undereye darkness.  It has a peach tint that will help correct bluish tint.
  • The liquid portion comes with an applicator making it easy to apply and retouch midday.
  • Coverage of the stick concealer is medium.
  • The liquid concealer portion is lighter than the stick concealer making it also a good highlighting product.
  • The liquid concealer can also be used as a lip concealer.
  • Very natural-looking.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Does not crease.
  • The liquid concealer run out faster before you finish the stick!  
  • All 3 shades are for light to medium skin.
Inexpensive yet effective concealer for both the undereye area, pimple and acne marks.

  •  Best used after foundation application.
  • Apply with dabbing motion.
  • For the undereye area, use the stick first (to correct) and set with a liquid concealer to prevent the undereye area from creasing due to lack of moisture.

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Stick and liquid concealer users!  This is a perfect 2-in-1 product!
Shade N203 is perfect for users with warm undertone.

Where to purchase and how much?
At local The Face Shop stores or online at Althea website priced at Php400.00.


Box with shade number
N203 is also known as Natural Beige
a photo of The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

Closer look on the packaging.

a photo of The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

Top: Stick
Bottom: Liquid
a photo of The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

N203 is a perfect shade for me!  It has a hint of warm undertone making it a perfect "corrector" for the undereye circles too!  I like to follow up with the liquid concealer to "highlight" and set the area to prevent further creasing.

NOTE: Use dabbing motion in application. 
a photo of The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

Before and After using only the stick concealer.

a before and after photo of using The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

Before and after using stick+liquid to highlight
a before and after photo of using The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

So far, on photos, you don't see much difference with the extra application of liquid concealer but in person, the eye area looks brighter and healthier!
a before and after photo of using The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer

Are you a dual concealer-type of user?
Given a chance to pick just one, would you go for stick or liquid?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Indeed this duo is a magic wand against dark circle :D One more thing I can't shop base makeup online for the fear it won't match my skin do you have a trick how to choose a shade?

    1. Ah..I always go for the darkest (if it's Korean makeup ha) usually kasi their darkest are Orange based so that would be perfect for my undereye :D

  2. This product seems to be good! :) In your opinion, is this better than the KPalette 0kuma? :)

    1. Well, different in a way that KPalette Okuma is just a cream concealer, while this one is dual purpose! It has a stick and a liquid! So totally different texture

  3. Don't you find the cream + liquid combo a little heavy on the undereye. Especially given our current weather? The coverage is pretty good though, I admit. :)

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