Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy 15th Zen Zest!

Definitely a gorgeous way to celebrate 15 years anniversary!  Congratulations Zen Zest!  
If you haven't heard or seen Zen Zest, you are probably living under the rock!  As for someone who seldom goes out to the mall, I always see their kioks around malls!  No matter where I go, I always see them, and I'm not surprised learning that today, they have over 100 outlets nationwide and abroad!

Now, that's what Filipinos should be proud of!

I was lucky to be invited to celebrate with Zen Zest at Le Petit Soufle for their 15th Year Anniversary Celebration.

I also got to meet the wonderful lady behind Zen Zest, Ms. Michelle Asence-Fontelera!  Michelle is also a Beauty and Fragrance junkie, and 15 years ago, she noticed how expensive imported bath and body products are!  So that was a "eureka moment" for her to create her own brand.  Trained under a chemist for 3 months, she formulated her own colognes, hand sanitizers, perfumes, and soaps with just Php350,000 capital borrowed from her family!  She opened her first store at SM Megamall and the rest was history!

Such an inspiring story girls!  So if you have any wonderful plans on top of your head right now, don't let it go!  Hold on to it and work hard for it!  Dreams really do come true!

And in that day's launch, I also learn more products that are bestselling from the brand!  They're not just all about colognes and perfumes!  They also have products like ---

Zen Zest Aromatherapy Room Fragrance
More on Aromatherpy line - Linen Spray (Php250.00), Massage Oil (Php220.00), Fragrance Oil (Php150.00) and Roll-on (Php120.00)

Zen Zest Body Spray

Zen Zest Body Wash

Zen Zest Hand Soap

And there are more to watch out for...like their Air Purifier Kit (Php1,500.00), Fragrance Blend (php500.00), Diffuser (Php400.00) and Anti-Mosquito, Anti-Tobacco, Kitchen, Cabinet Deodorizer priced Php150.00-Php300.00

With Beauty Enthusiasts Yette and Shebby

Zen Zest is definitely a brand worth watching out for!  I can't wait to try their new products because I've always been obssessed with fragrances!

So far, I am in love with their Aromatherapy Oil in Lavender!  Will try the other variants!

What's your favorite Zen Zest Product/s?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love their linen spray because Mom uses it at home.

  2. Their Tangerine fragrance is really good. 15 years in the business is a huge milestone. Happy for Zen zest.


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