Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day, Mommies!

"Am I ready for motherhood?"
Well, I used to think I have an answer.  I told everyone I love kids and would be ready as early as 18!  (thankfully, di naman nangyari yon hahaha)  But that very moment I gave birth, I finally knew what to say when faced with that question.

"You'll never be ready."

Even with that cute cheeky, toothless smile.  You may never be ready for sleepless nights.  You will never be ready for that constant worry whenever your little angel gets sick or whenever they cry.  You will never be ready when your heart breaks into many pieces when they hurt themselves or when you have to bring them to a hospital for an emergency.  Oh God, I will never be ready for that!
On the brighter side, you will be surprised on how much UNCONDITIONAL LOVE you feel.  You will realize how much LOVE your heart can give.

Truthfully, the joys and pains of being a parent.  Especially a mom.

If you follow my journey as an "AskMeMom", you'll know how much of a hands-on mom I am.  I am literally attached to Kyle like a leech!  *hahaha*  I bring him to events when I was still breastfeeding him, taking pictures on one hand while the other hand juggles to carry him.  Tiring, yes, but looking back, it is the best moments of my life.

I even brought him with me to a media US Trip because I just can't imagine doing otherwise.
Tiring?  YES.
Happiness?  Priceless!

Oh, he charmed his way to all the people he met!  

At San Bruno getting ready to meet up with fellow Beauty Blogger JC

At the tourist bus at San Francisco where he slept most of the time.  He woke up just to have some hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy and went back to his dreamland.  Oh, I can't wait to tell him all about our trip when he grows older!

At L.A. outside our Aunt's House.
He was teething but still remain and happy and cheerful baby.

Even when we're not out of the country, we make sure to spend EVERY weekend with him!  No matter how tired our bodies were from work, we make sure to spend at least a day or two just for him to have fun!

Birthday Parties, Kiddie Playland, Toy Stores, etc...

And oh, even when we get invites for restaurant reviews that are open to the whole family?  I always tag him along even if that means lesser socializing for me and lesser chances of eating!  *laughs*  Look at that little face, totally worth it!

Tissue paper tearing at random restaurant because he just gets bored so easily!   Imagine the horror of the people working in the restaurant!  (I'm sorry guys, I do clean up afterwards!)

And those simple daily moments whenever I take a break from work just to bond with him, kiss him and hug him, just so he knew how much I love spending time with him.  Even if my body tells me otherwise!

Now that my eyebags are showing up more prominently and my arms are getting big from carrying him whenever he's tired of walking, I knew I may not look my best but my heart and soul is at the best state I could ever imagine.

Because I know someday....mommy is not going to be his WORLD!  He will go out and explore the world on his own, make new friends, have new hobbies and even have crushes (ouch!)  I would always look back at these photos and tell myself: "It's okay, I was once his world and he understands I will still be his number 1 fan no matter how old he is!" 

And guys, even if you want to set drama aside, well, sorry you can't!  Your life will be a BIG DRAMA and PRODUCTION NUMBER when you turn into a mom!  I knew my life is like that and I'm loving every single moment of it!  I love motherhood --- it's super tiring, exhausting but it made me 101% whole!

And since today is Mother's Day, I want to wish my own mommy Happy Mother's Day too!  I learn and strive to be the best mom I can be because of her.

And to all fellow mommies out there, let's enjoy every single moment and take a breather once in awhile and pat ourselves on the back and say: CHEERS! (Raising my cup of coffee on that!)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you and what a really cute baby. :)

    1. Thank you so much! Happy MOther's day to your mom too :D

  2. Happy Mother's Day AMW!! :)

  3. Eh yung nag backread ako at binasa ki to. Can relate in all levelsss!!! Ramdam ko ung sinabi mo. Overflowing talaga ang love nating mga mommies at talagang paranoid tayo palagi when ig comes to our children.

    -Mrs. Yoo know who hehe

    1. hey Mrs. YOO! I don't know yoo! hahahah Yup! I am so glad you can relate!!!! Love ya! See you soon!


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