Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekend Food Trip at: Tao Yuan Lucky Chinatown Mall

We go to Lucky Chinatown Mall ALMOST every weekend so it is a challenge for us to pick a restaurant for dinner!  "Where to eat again?"  is the multi-million peso question.

After having to carry my Toddler who is too lazy to walk for hours, I've decided to go to the nearest restaurant which was Tao Yuan Restaurant.  The restaurant is always packed!  So I assume the food must be great!

Well, assumption was right!  Food indeed was WONDERFUL but the service isn't :( (unfortunately)  Nothing too big of a fuss but definitely, the service is slow and we good thing we checked our bill because they billed us wrongly!   

Again, nothing alarming, you just have to make sure you are not extremely hungry when you see the "packed" restaurant and always check your bill (no matter what restaurant you go to!)

Now on to the more positive side, the food!  The food was indeed AMAZING!  One of the best Chinese Restaurants in the Metro!

Beef Tenderloin
One of the most tender beef tenderloin I've tried.  Very soft and almost melts into your mouth on every bite!  Even Kyle approves of this dish!

Happy Birthday Noodles
Okay, I wasn't expecting my Birthday Noodles to look like this!  The Tao Yuan version has more sauce and seafood than noodles itself!  The serving isn't as big as I expected but nevertheless, I am fulfilled with all the fresh ingredients used.

Fish Fillet Stuffed with Mashed Shrimps
As the name states, the Fish Fillet has smashed shrimps inside covered with white egg sauce!  I love the consistency of the soft fish fillet and how the shrimps give extra flavor on this dish.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Nothing special, tastes good but serving is extremely small!  If you are dining with rice-eaters, you better go for second order!

Now of course, when you go to any Chinese restaurant, you have to go for their dimsum!  With Tao Yuan, there is a discount for dimsum once the clock strikes 8pm?  (Sorry forgot the exact time!)

Overall, I am extremely happy with their dimsum!  Everything tastes amazing!  You have to order their Siomai and Hakaw because it is the best I've tried to date (seriously speaking, I can forget about the slow service and billing mistake because these are extremely to die for!)


Shrimp Siomai

This is quite unique, the Tofu Skin Rolls with soup really comes with flavorful soup!

Xiao Long Bao

Tao Yuan Restrauant
2nd Floor Lucky Chinatown Mall
Reina Regente St. Cor. Dela Reina St.
Binondo Manila
Mobile no: 63917-822-8991

Have you dined at Tao Yuan Restaurant? 
Any other food recommendations?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow! The beef tenderloin and the hakaw look amazing!

    1. super yummy I swear!! salivating now just thinking about it! Have you tried Tao Yuan na ba?

  2. That birthday noodles surprises me too :D I guess they should definitely work out on their service department.

    1. I was surprised with their birthday noodles too! I'm so accustomed with the "normal" birthday -looking-noodles! Shock of my life, but a happy surprise!


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