Sunday, June 26, 2016

My "Feel-good" Food and Drinks

I have been so stressed lately!  It is the combination of bringing my son to Preschool, dealing with Kyle's separation anxiety, the 3 long hours of waiting outside the school while worrying about my son and of course, trying to get through each day with both work and house work.

I am only human, I do get tired!  Super tired!  How do I deal with physical, emotional and mental stress?  I feed myself pretty well!  *laughs*  This post is inspired by the food and drinks I tend to crave for when I'm super weary.

I do not have to mention about Coffee, I obviously am a coffee addict and drink more than my maximum allowance that gave myself!  It used to be 2 cups a day but now, I ended up drinking more than 3 or 4!  So on days I wanted to veer away from too much caffeine, I go for my favorite iced cold drinks!

Del Monte Four Seasons Juice Drink is my ultimate favorite!  I have a pitcher inside my fridge always ready on afternoons I need an instant pick-me-upper!  And who would've thought they have so many more flavors to choose from?

Introducing --- Mango, Sweetened Pineapple, Pineapple Orange, Pineapple Pomelo and Pineapple Lychee.

When I posted about these on my IG account, a lot of you highly recommend Pineapple Lychee!  I am not a fan of Lychee drink but will definitely go beyond my comfort level and will give this a try!

What's your favorite Del Monte Juice Drink?

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Now let's talk about food cravings!  I find myself requesting for YABU-fix whenever I'm dead tired!  I guess it's the unlimited cabbage, rice and miso soup that makes me feel absolutely GOOD after a meal!  Heavier, but happy!  It doesn't hurt that Yabu is consistent with the meals they serve!  Still my favorite so far!

Seafood Katsu Set

Hire Pork Tenderloin Set

Chicken Katsu Set

Chicken Breast and Creamy Crab

Share to me your "feel-good" Food and drinks!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Coffee is my comfort drink too. Also I love hot cocoa. I am not a fan of juices but will occasionally have a dalandan drink. Oh if you love baby, u should try katsusora. They have a salad bar and they serve the best potato salad. There u can have all the cabbage u want too and more.

    1. ah thanks for sharing! I'll give katsusora a try! Will definitely note that :D


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