Friday, June 10, 2016

Glam with Colors

No Beauty Blogger I know who doesn't like colorful pens!  Seriously, it must be the need for colors or the need for anything BEAUTIFUL!  

No wonder Titus Pens recently held an event called "Glam With Colors" including not only an array of Beautiful Titus pens in different colors, but they also included their gorgeous model --- Liza Soberano.

I can't imagine a more perfect model than her!  She embodies freshness, creativeness and style perfect for Filipinos today! #LizaLovesTitusPens #GlamWithColors

Thankfully, I also got a piece of Beauty, actually I got MORE than a piece!  It was a wonderful surprise during a long and tiring day when I received a surprise package from Titus Pens!  

I may not be an "artsy" girl but I have always been a fan of colorful pens!  Even with technology, I still prefer to write and doodle on paper or notebook!  I like to use different colors to teach my son different fruits and vegetables, I like to doodle while waiting for someone to answer my call, I enjoy writing on my Daily Planner using coded colors for different projects, best of all, I enjoy writing love notes to my husband using different colors depending on my mood!  There are just so many ways to enjoy COLORS and I have to thank Titus Pens for adding into my addiction!

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Are you into pens like I do?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I am addicted to Titus pens. I have green, orange, and pink. I feel inspired to write whenever I see them on my work table.

  2. I use Titus during high school I think should check them out again.


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