Sunday, June 12, 2016

Weekend Food Trip at: Leann's Teahouse, QC

Every weekend, we dine with my family!  And once I told Mr. AMW to help me look for a new restaurant we haven't tried!  Usually, we ended up dining at the "usual places" and that weekend, I wanted something unique, something new!  And of course, the restaurant has to have High Chair!  (seriously, no yaya when going out would understand that!)

The kind hubby went online and searched for best restaurants near my parents' place!  And he found Leann's Teahouse!  Gave the restaurant a call, booked for reservation + high chair...and the rest was tummy-filling history!  Love you Mr. AMW!

The name Leann's Teahouse sounded like a Chinese restaurant!  The waiter agreed!  hahaha But once you get in, you'll know its an authentic Korean Restaurant because I can literally smell yummy pork sizzling on grill and Kimchi!

Now what made us booked for this restaurant?  Eat-All-You-Can Korean BBQ Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) and Woosamgyeop (grilled beef belly).  But to those who aren't as carnivorous as I am, you can always go for a la carte meals!  They have so many choices to choose from!

Fried Mandu
Usual tasting dumplings but it's nice to order especially when you're hungry!

Spicy Chicken
A sweet and spicy Korean-styled boneless chicken that is super addictive!  You don't feel the spiciness on first bite but you feel it after you swallowed it!  A really yummy dish that's perfect with a hot cup of rice!

Sweet Soysauce Chicken
Another yummy BBQ'd Chicken Korena style!  It has a nice flavor, tender and smooth texture even my dad enjoyed it so much!

Beef Bulgogi
I ordered Beef for my dad and I'm thankful these are extremely tender and are sliced in small pieces.  The sauce is very sweet and flavorful, definitely another reason to order for 2nd serving of rice!

Unlimited Samgyeopsal
Php349.00 per person
My brother and Mr. AMW went for this!  They went for just 2 orders each head and they gave up!  hahaha it comes with unlimited fresh Lettuce as wraps!  I personally would say the meat not as tender as the ones I tried in other restaurants.

Free appetizers!  Free 2 appetizers (per variant) for a family of 5.  
There were 5 adults when we dined in this restaurant.

Overall, we had a good time dining in this restaurant.  The A-la-carte dishes are awesome and I wouldn't go for the unlimitied Samgyeopsal again because there are other restaurants that serve better.  As for the customer service, I love how they are very helpful with every guests even when the restaurant is crowded and full!  Please bear in mind that there is only a table downstairs and most of the time, you have to climb a flight of stairs to get your table!  Thankfully, no one was sitting at the first floor so we got the slot because my almost 80year old dad had a hard time climbing up stairs.

Leann's Teahouse
Mother Ignacia Avenue, Diliman QC 
Tel. no: (632) 411-8902

What other restaurants near Mother Ignacia Avenue do you highly recommend for us to try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. their beef bulgogi looks mouthwatering (I just had my breakfast but I feel hungry).

  2. The unlimited samgyeopsal looks great. We have this Korean resto nearby that offers a buffet for 349+++ including unlimited samgyeopsal. I love going there.

  3. Awww too bad about that samgyeopsal but I agree, there are better ones up there.

    1. CJ for sure, but if you're extremely hungry, NOT bad for the price


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