Monday, August 29, 2016

What's New with Project Pie as they Turns 3?

You can build your own Pizza, now pasta and your own Loyalty Card!
That's 3 wonderful news for 3 lovely Project Pie Years!

How did I learn about Project Pie?  Well, there's one branch near Mr. AMW's office and I remembered "asking him out" for a date 2 years during lunch break.  It was a fun experience creating my own pizza and I find it a great idea since I really have some "favorite ingredients".


Fast forward to today, who would've thought it has already been wonderful Project Pie Years?  And to take these wonderful experiences to the next level, Project Pay now encourages us to Build Your Own EVERYTHING!  From Build Your Own Pizza and Salad,

  now, they offer to Build Your Own Pasta and Build Your Own Loyalty Card!

How does Build Your Own, the Project Pie Way works?

  1. DESIGN - guests can design their own pizzas, salads and now pastas in any way they please.  Oooohhh, perfect for consumers who are very visual with the food they eat!
  2. BUILD - Project Pie uses the simplest and freshest ingredients.
  3. EAT - My favorite part of all!  

And I can't wait to get my own Loyalty Card so I can always go back for more "building my own food" adventures!
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