Monday, August 29, 2016

AMW Wears: Eden's Paradise Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry

Who has heard the brand Eden's Paradise?
I've seen them around Instagram and I like the fact that they are FDA registered and has a website for me to check out the rest of their products (instead of just trying to understand their products on  Instagram.

I was sent their Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry which I immediately "snapped".  Shared my thoughts on how pigmented they look on tube and how it looks almost "nothing" at the back of my hand!

I wasn't complaining guys, it was just a final understand for me that this product isn't called "Custard cream" for nothing!

a photo of Eden's Paradise Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry

Eden's Paradise Lip Custard Cream ---

Our #lipcustardcream melts effortlessly onto your lips with a milky, semi-matte finish.  Its #unique formula creates softly Tinted Lips and Cheeks in sheer matte sweetness.
It glides on as a cream and dries out matte leaving a beautiful tint on your lips/cheeks.
Once it dries out on lips and cheeks:
  • Smudge-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Transfer-proof
Color is very pigmented.  Just a very small amount will go a long way.  
 The product size is 10ml and it is housed in a lipgloss packaging like this.
a photo of Eden's Paradise Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry

As I mentioned earlier, I was unimpressed the first time I swatched this product.  Take a look at the color on tube and take a look at the pigmentation of Winterberry at the back of my hand.  How in the world will this color show up?

a photo of Eden's Paradise Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry

Then I applied a fair amount on my lips, lo and behold!  I was amazed!  This product deserves a spot on my blog because it glides easily even on chapped lips!  It has a cooling sensation upon application and it literally felt like applying custard cream on my parched lips!

Now let's talk about pigmentation, my lips are pigmented to start with!  1-2 layers aren't enough for the color Winterberry to show up, but on my 3rd and 4th application, I am starting to see the "light"  *laughs*  Seriously, I'm starting to see the effect especially when it was dried matte!

a photo of Eden's Paradise Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry Nikki Tiu Askmewhats

The Lip Custard Cream from Eden's Paradise tastes heavenly.  The texture is extremely lightweight and it felt like I'm not wearing any lip product at all!  My favorite part is how it eases up my dry, chapped lips and my lips look healthier and it doesn't look like I'm wearing much!

Now let's talk about longevity, it actually lasted after drinking and eating, the color faded a bit but the main color is still there which is a perfect lip color when I don't have time to re-apply any lip product!

Now I haven't tried this on my cheeks because I realized this product is okay for cheeks AFTER taking photos!  I may give this a try and share a photo on IG soon!  So please follow me @AskMeWhats !

a photo of Eden's Paradise Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry.  Nikki Tiu

Eden's Paradise Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry won my heart!  If you have lightly pigmented lips, this will show up better I swear!  But on me, I'm quite happy with the MLBB (My Lips But Better) effect.  These babies are priced affordably at Php299.00 (approx $6.20).  Available online  You may also follow them on Instagram (@edens_paradise)

How do you find this lip custard cream shade on me? 

Do you like it? 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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