Sunday, September 4, 2016

Will It Be Too Much If I Posted Another....

Lucky Rainbow Weekend Food Trip Post?
I hope not!  Because seriously, one of my MOST favorite restaurant to date!

Isn't it obvious? 
I've blogged about Lucky Rainbow, Ongpin Branch.
The first time was blogged HERE when I brought less than a year old Kyle Nash.
And guess what?  We celebrated Kyle's 3rd Birthday at their Banawe Branch!

And Makati Folks, did you know they also have a Makati Branch?  Just in case you think Lucky Rainbow is located in Manila only!  Well, that's new found information for you friends!

It was my Dad's Birthday Celebration and really, if you have a dad who uses wheelchair and a son that runs around, big, well-carpeted restaurants with functions rooms are the place to be!  And Lucky Rainbow, Z-Mall Branch fits the bill!

Asado with Honey Sauce
A MUST-TRY!  They're always out-of-stock so try to order as early as possible!  They are extremely juicy and tender and sliced so thinly it made me go crazy!  And who likes the "burnt" "crunchy" portion like I do?

Steamed Suahe
Price depends on kg
I'm a "Dampa" girl so I know if shrimps are fresh or not!  Well, I'm a walking "seafood freshness-tester" because I will get instant allergic reactions to shrimps that aren't fresh!  So far, I didn't need any anti-histamine after taking my first bite!

Lucky Rainbow Special Spring Roll
If you're craving for crunchy dimsum, go for this!  Though the pork inside are shredded instead of the usual "ground pork".

Eight Treasure Soup
Included are 8 important ingredients that made this soup so wonderfully delicious.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Who can say no to Yang Chow?  

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet
Another "can't go wrong" order!  Crunchy Dory Fish slices fried in flavorful batter.

Beef Tenderloin in Honey Sauce
This is definitely A MUST ORDER!  We always order Beef Tenderloin with mushroom sauce but this won our hearts!  Definitely a unique dish from the said restaurant!  The beef is extremely tender and soft it almost melts into your mouth on every bite!  The honey sauce is the unique part as well, it made the beef extremely juicy and flavorful you really can't have enough!

Birthday Noodles
Of course, what's a birthday celebration without Birthday Noodles?  This is a repeat order (if you compare my previous posts) so this definitely passed our standard!

The service of the restaurant is extremely good!  The servers are friendly and the order takers are well versed with the dishes they offer!

Lucky Rainbow
Unit 201-204 Z-Square Mall 
Del Monte Avenue Quezon City
Tel. No: (632) 351-5654

Have you dined at any of the Lucky Rainbow Branches?
Any favorite Dishes?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I wish they have a branch in the South. Their food really look delish.

    1. hahaha sis, I'm glad they're near where I live! super sarap

  2. ah this post make me hungry (I just eaten my breakfast lol).

  3. Replies
    1. go lang, they have a branch at Makati if that's nearer you


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