Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Riot Girl Complete Set Review

As a professional make up artist, I have an excuse to own a lot of brush sets!  And truth be told, I don't mind adopting more!  Looking back from my very first professional brush set from Suesh and Charm until today, these are the tools of trade I don't mind investing on because they are all well-taken care off and still looks good as new!  

To add up to my "brush babies", a new brand made its noise online called Riot Brushes.  It took a bit of time for me to review these brushes because I had to get over "gushing" on how gorgeous they look!  I knew I had to be impartial so it took me a month to get used to owning such beauty.

Riot Girl Complete Set

a photo of Riot Girl Complete Brush Set

The Riot Girl Complete Set comes with 6 Face Brushes and 9 Essential Eye Brushes making it a whopping 15 brushes for such an affordable price tag!

At the back of your head, if you think these brushes are too much for personal use, you may try to get the Riot Essential Face Set priced at Php1,450.00 or the Riot Deluxe Eye Set priced at Php1,250.00.  A friendly advice from your trustee AMW friend, go for the Complete Set because brushes never expire and you may never know how much you need them until you use them!

a photo of Riot Girl Complete Brush Set

The brushes are housed in a gorgeous chic brown clutch that you may use to store all your Riot brushes, or in my case, I like to use it as my makeup kit!  My Riot brushes are now being used and abused so they don't have the chance to get back in to this lovely clutch.

a photo of Riot Girl Complete Brush Set

Here's what I have to say about RIOT Brushes ---

  • The ferrule's color is so chic and gorgeous! 
  • The set comes with unique brushes even professional make up artist like myself do not own!
  • Does not bleed nor shed on first wash.
  • No weird scent.
  • All the synthetic hair brushes goes back to its shape after washes.
  • The natural-haired face brushes tend to get "out of shape" after several washes.
  • The natural-haired brushes are surprisingly non-prickly.  As long as the brushes are washed properly, they do not hurt the eye or face upon use.
  • The Flat Contour Brush is unique and I totally love the concept about this brush, it's just that, it goes "pouf-y" after several washing.  Same with the Angled Face Brush.
Now to make this an easy post even for first-time brush users, here's an easy guide on how I would use each brush!

Let's start with the Face Brushes --- my favorite from the bunch are the Angled Flat Top Kabuki, which is a perfect "buffer" for my base makeup (either sunblock, primer, foundation or BB creams)  This brush works!  The Paddle Foundation Brush is also a winner because for the fact that the bristles aren't as long as regular foundation brushes making it easier for me to apply medium to heavy coverage base makeup.  

a photo of Riot Powder Brush
a photo of Riot Angled Flat Top Kabuki
a photo of Riot Angled Brush
a photo of Riot Flat Contour Brush
a photo of Riot Paddle Foundation Brush

a photo of Riot Fan Brush

Now on to the Eye Brushes, the Angled Definer Brush is definitely a unique addition!  I don't own such brush thus making me tend to grab this if I prefer to create smokey eye makeup look because I have small lid space!  The Concealer Buffer Brush reminds me so much of my favorite Real Techniques Brush which I love to use to puff my concealer gently.

The rest of the brushes are duplicates of my previous brushes but it is a good news to say --- they all deliver!

a photo of Riot Angled Definer Brush
 a photo of Riot Concealer Buffer Brush

a photo of Riot Angled Liner Brush
 a photo of Riot Eye blending Brush
  a photo of Riot Angled Brow Brush
a photo of Riot Crease Brush

a photo of Riot Pencil Brush

a photo of Riot Shader Brush
 a photo of Riot Smudge Brush

If I may have to add, I wish the handle of each brush has the name of each brushes for first-time makeup wearers not to get confused!  That's just a minimal suggestion I hope Riot Brushes would consider.

Overall, I would highly recommend these brushes for ALL make up users!  They are affordable and the brushes deliver!  All you need to do is to take good care of them by washing them correctly, storing them with maybe, a Brush Guard to keep the shape of the bristles.

a photo of Riot Girl Complete Brush Set

For more information, like Riot Brushes on Facebook ( and follow them on Instagram @RiotBrushes) and check out their posts with hashtag #RiotBrushes.

Would you purchase Riot Brushes?
Which among the brush/es I featured do you think you need the most?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Yay at last! I wish they also release video on how to use each brushes and add more colors too (I find black boring lol) ;)

    1. crossing my fingers would be nice if they release white and gold combination and rose gold

  2. Hi miss nikki is it a dupe for the zoeva brushes? Thank you ��


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